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    Default The Future of Reading and Writing

    I will use this thread to talk about everything from the "death of print media" stories I hear, and the emergence of new media. Everything from personal experiences of this transition to links about products related to it, or news stories.

    You can post similar such matter, or other things that you think relate to this theme.

    Here is a link about the Amazon Kindle, to start things off, and I will possibly include some articles on user interfaces for other such portable devices, even though that is already slightly tangential.

    Why is the new Kindle eBook reader from Amazon and not Apple?
    The new UI wars: Why there’s no Flash on iPhone 2.0
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    This may be the future of color newspaper. Pretty neat. Paper Screens:
    [YOUTUBE=""]Sony's Ultra Thin, Flexible, Paper-Screen[/YOUTUBE]

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuranes View Post
    I will use this thread to talk about everything from the "death of print media" stories I hear, and the emergence of new media.
    That mantra is repeated every decade or so. Every new invention will render print media "obsolete" and you might as well just accept it because it's inevitable.

    Classic example of an intellectual swindle.

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    It'd better be damn high resolution. lol. That's the trouble with electronic media. Plus, there's something I enjoy about having a physical component in my hands. E.g. ink on paper. I'm into calligraphy and handwriting, so it figures.

    There's just something in writing by hand that you can't get from a keyboard. Your mind is most definitely more engaged.

    A while back I asked some friends about the Kindle. They commented and basically said that the quality of the device was extremely poor. Nice try though.

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