i think there is no possibility that someone in the world is 100 % just one type, so the indivuduall shows often signs of an other mbti type... for example i can act often quick and spontanous like a sp, but i feel very akward or "unsatisfied" after it....

If i ll make list of the ranking of my mbti types:
1. INTP I see myself as firstly a good anaylzer, a logical person, and "quiet " detached and unemational
2. INFP, i m romantic and a day dreamer, i care for feelings and humanity , even very unemotional, i can act sometimes, especially in a known surroiunding very like a feeler... what should I say more? ( but as you propably can read, i m an extremly bad writer )
3. ISTP or ISFP, I act propably often like an unhealthy Isxp...enjoing moments, taking risks etc... now its became again rare, after many pitfalls in the past

So what about you?