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    Uber, since when did you become an ENTJ?

    Yelling out the window at kids and passerby doesn't make you an extravert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgar View Post
    Yelling out the window at kids and passerby doesn't make you an extravert.
    I like this quote.

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    Pretty much all of Kiddo's rants on INTJs were highly entertaining. But I just don't feel like gathering and quoting them all.

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    Well this was my laugh of the day. The poster in question isn't here but this is him commenting on the movie Michael Collins:
    Julia Roberts with a fake accent? Liam Neeson, the new millenium's Roger Moore? You hate fucking England that much that you couldn't wait for this piece of shit to show up on TBS at 2 in the morning?

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    This is a great thread, Jen!

    I think it's going to be one of those threads that floats to the background until people find a reason to ressurect it--really funny things are hard to remember exactly where they were said in the past. But when someone sees a present one...
    *You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.
    *Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason once accepted, despite your changing moods.
    C.S. Lewis

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    Here's a few quotes I was able to find that cracked me up at one time or another:

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainChick View Post
    I hate the Catholic church, both past and present!!!

    Yucky, despicable, demoralizing, and just plain sad and infuriating!!

    Quote Originally Posted by EffEmDoubleyou View Post
    When I opened this thread, I first read "Lion King" as "Larry King" and was briefly traumatized by the thought of his likeness in an animated movie.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jen View Post
    Kick [Kiddo] in the groin. That would be entertaining and funny.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffster View Post
    BMS (Bored Moderator Syndrome) strikes again!
    Quote Originally Posted by reason View Post
    That does seem to be a load of crap which you have linked me to there. The reviews are full of praise, but in a way which leads me to suspect they are full of crap too. There is only so much time in life and Carl Schmitt is unlikely to get any more of it from me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Little Linguist View Post
    And in Germany, everyone has too much of a pole up their ass to hug people.
    And the answer to the question of What's a fallacy?:
    Quote Originally Posted by reason View Post
    Something shaped like a penis, I think. Yes, this thread is about an iron man's penis.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmail! View Post
    2- On the other hand, the INTJ forum seems litteraly obsessed with IQ scores, especially when they need to brag about it. It's like a kind of religion, they seem to develop a special faith into IQs.
    This is somewhat perplexing because a lot of so-called INTJs use wrong datas, or obviously lie like dogs when it comes to their real IQ. The average score they pretend to achieve is just statistically impossible (1). And moreover, a lot seem to believe very strongly to an unchecked and very unreliable source claiming that INTJs would have the best IQs overall (Even if this contradicts the only real scientific study made on this subject).
    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix13 View Post
    Did you get syphilis and your brain degrade to swiss cheese? I don't understand how people who make posts like this think.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Flak View Post
    I recommend having a really masculine name like Peguy or Jack Flak.

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    These were good times:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Galt View Post
    Mr. Galt's Post of Pure Hatred

    I hate spam emails from strippers who want to hook up.
    I hate fat people on airplanes and at sporting events. They should buy two damn seats.
    I hate when said fat people get pissed when I shove their lard buildups off of myself.
    I hate the phrase because I said so.
    I hate being told that being a know-it-all is a bad thing.
    I hate that when somebody proposes mutual respect what they really want is to be superior.
    I hate when people attempt to greet me upon my arrival to school or work with a big, fake smile.
    I hate people who say Hey, whats up? and dont really want to know whats up.
    I hate old people who insist on driving 20 mph on the freeway.
    I hate the thousands of handshakes the hip hop community has come up with.
    I hate religion and all beliefs in a higher power.
    I hate Jewish people who continuously remind everybody about the Holocaust. Yes. My family died in the camps too, but we can stop fishing for sympathy.
    I hate proponents of such filth who insist that I am going to hell.
    I hate bleeding heart liberals who insist that a cut of my money go to anyone but me.
    I hate redneck conservatives who insist on telling me what I can and cannot do with my private life.
    I hate people who offend easily and take my insults personally.
    I hate when said people dont take my verbal assault as their queue to leave.
    I hate when people tell me I must be emo when I wear black.
    I hate when kids in the suburbs attempt to be gangsta and talk like retarded inner city rappers.
    I hate when people sag their pants without knowing it originated as a way for men in prison to tell who the willing ones were.
    I hate any rap music that promotes stupidity, violence, and misogyny (the last part only applies when I see young women singing along like the idiots they are).
    I hate being right while watching everybody wonder what theyre doing wrong.
    I hate people who enjoy Shakespeare. He couldnt write a story or develop a character to save his life.
    I hate when my parents try to fight each other through me by gossiping behind one anothers back.
    I hate how when I dont cry at a funeral everybody attempts to make me feel guilty.
    I hate how people think I am obligated to respond if they smile at me and say Hi.
    I hate any attempt to claim authority over me. I am the only authority I recognize.
    I hate collectivists.
    I hate people who need constant reassurance that theyre not worthless.
    I hate when people call just to say hi or to spread the latest gossip that I dont care about.
    I hate when people get angry after asking for my honest opinion about something they have done.
    I hate ANYONE who pulls off my headphones in an attempt to speak to me. Obviously I dont want to be bothered.
    I hate when people refuse to say anything negative to somebody with a disability or physical deformity. They arent subhuman. Theyre just weird. Treat them normally.
    I hate that people will tell a smoker to quit smoking but wont tell a fat person to quit eating cake twelve times a day because its mean.
    I hate when I ask for critique on something I have written and I have to literally pry it out of the critic. I already know whats good about it. I wouldnt have let anybody read something I thought was bad.
    I hate people who accept themselves they way they are and never make any attempt at self improvement.
    I hate people who use the words like, um, uh, hyphy, gangsta, homey, lol (while speaking), Thank God, or any combination of the aforementioned words.
    I hate people who support communism who havent even read The Communist Manifesto.
    I hate anyone and everyone who changes or holds back to fit in and make friends.
    I hate girls who cut themselves and then show off their scars like some sort of goddamn trophy.
    I hate pre pubescent voices, especially when they come from bodies that are playing online videogames and gloating about a small, meaningless victory.
    I hate gay people who run around announcing how gay they are. Straight people dont. Why should you?
    I hate Italian men who wear track suits and lipstick, spike their hair, go to tanning salons, and shoot up steroids.
    I hate illegal immigrants who refuse to learn English and complain that they are poor.
    I hate locker rooms, their inhabitants, their smells, and the constant talk of whose is bigger.
    I hate people who think that free public services are truly free.
    I hate girls who want to be models, strippers, dancers, pop singers, or whores.
    I hate anybody who is content with taking orders his/her entire life.
    I hate small talk in all of its putrid forms.
    I hate people who think their job should receive the same amount of money as their bosss job.
    I hate that one group of teenage girls on every damn rollercoaster that screams the entire time.
    I hate the idea that experience > theories.
    I hate hypochondriacs who think they have every goddamn disease they hear about on the news.
    I hate anybody who thinks Michael Moore is anything more than a maniac.
    I hate people who blame videogames and television for real life violence. Couldnt possibly be the persons fault. Nooooooo.
    I hate people who believe it is okay to act upon another person for their own good.
    I hate cashiers who dont understand why I paid for something that costs $8.25 with a 10 and a quarter.
    I hate anybody who considers himself an expert on something because he has a degree in something else.
    I hate when I use big words and the response is one of hostility.
    I hate blacks who use the N word as though it were an article yet if honkeys say it, even in jest, they receive a beating.
    I hate how having friends is more important than having a functioning brain.
    I hate that my parents are surprised when Im not pleasant when they wake me in the morning.
    I hate social niceties.
    I hate people who are afraid of being offensive and instead beat around the bush for an hour and a half.
    I hated it when my ex girlfriends expected me to know when they were sad even though they wouldnt tell meand if I asked what was wrong they would say Nothingand if I left it alone at that they would yell and scream. Women
    I hate anybody who thinks The Souljah Boi Is a dance or a legitimate musician.
    I hate people who expect the government to solve all their problems and then break the law.
    I hate when my teachers reteach concepts that were discussed weeks/months/years ago. We covered it already. Move the fuck on. And you wonder why Im daydreaming all throughout the period
    I hate females who overplay their femininity and males who equate masculinity with acting like a big, stupid ape.
    I hate the French. No explanation needed.
    I hate people who blame George Bush for Hurricane Katrina.
    I hate having to wait until everybody screws up before I can finally take control of a group project.
    I hate group projects and teachers who wont let me do them alone.
    I hate being treated like a child and subsequently being given the responsibilities of adulthood.
    I hate having to take care of my emotionally unstable parents. I hate them for loving me.
    I hate rich people who feel guilty about having acquired so much wealth.
    I hate people who take no responsibility for their own lives.
    I hate that I can fail a class with a 100%+ testing/essay grade.
    I hate math teachers who insist that I show work that I didnt do because I dont solve their math problems in a linear fashion.
    I hate people who preach that everybody is the same. Were not the same. Shut up.
    I hate messes and people who are untidy / unhygienic.
    I hate Dane Cook and people who think he is actually telling jokes.
    I hate people who ignore how brilliant/talented some people are simply because they did something wrong.
    I hate people who claim to love everyone and everything. I hate even more the ones who are telling the truth.
    I hate stupid people and would like to put them in death camps.
    I hate when political analysts on television wave their hands around in an attempt to make it seem like what they're saying isn't just the exact same thing as what the other political analysts of their cookie cutter ideology are saying.
    I hate Frankie Says Relax shirts.
    I hate receiving MySpace friend requests from porn stars and awful punk bands.
    I hate when people start threads that make a claim or pose a strange question in the title, and the only word in the OP is "Discuss."
    I hate Project (red).
    I hate stupid girls of all ages who idolize the likes of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.
    I hate people with eating disorders and anybody who thinks they deserve my sympathy.
    I hate fat people who blame McDonalds for making the morbidly obese. Shut up and eat you fat bastards.
    I hate women who want to be paid as though they are equal to men and still be treated like women.
    I hate that the parents of a retarded child will spend more time nurturing him than they will a child with some actual potential.
    I hate attention whoring and those who are attention whores.
    I hate anybody who defines himself by how others view him.
    I hate people who say Im going to try and instead of Im going to try to.
    i h8 wen ppl tipe lik dis
    I hate anybody who is offended by an observation of truth simply because they dont like the truth.
    I hate people who think Im depressed because I didnt smile back.
    I hate anybody who breaks set rules simply because they are the rules, whether or not they agree with them.
    I hate anybody who claims to hate the corporations while wearing a Reebok shirt, eating Doritos brand chips, and watching MTV, a subsidiary of Viacom.
    I hate people who post MySpace chain bulletins or call/message/yell at me to comment their pictures.
    I hate social networking.
    I hate people who think reading is for losers.
    I hate people who think that serving others is more important than serving yourselfor even worse, that serving yourself is bad.
    I hate hippies. I hate their ideology, I hate that they got nothing done, and I hate that they are leeching upon society.
    I hate animal rights activists. Animals kill and eat each other. And theyre yummy. Whats the problem?
    I hate anybody against the death penalty. If you kill somebody, you should die, not be babysat by my tax dollars for the rest of your life.
    I hate public institutions. They cost more and get less done than private ones.
    I hate The Rainbow Fish. It is a story about greedy beggars shunning a beautiful fish for being special until he gives up his beauty by giving them each a scale.
    I hate people who think banning guns will stop murderers from obtaining them.
    I hate when bands I like get drunk before concerts and play terribly, thereby wasting my time and money.
    I hate that mentioning race makes me a racist.
    I hate people who cry during movies. Its not real. ITS NOT REAL!
    I hate welfare, affirmative action, and people who can know these things exist and call everybody equal.
    I hate the announcer guys voice in Girls Gone Wild commercials. I want to mount his head on my wall.
    I hate people who think the past is more important than the future, or think they are somehow interconnected.
    I hate anybody who thinks evil dictators such as Mussolini and Hitler were stupid.
    I hate people who think stubbornness is a bad thing.
    I hate arbitrary laws.
    I hate parents who lie to their children to scare them away from certain activities.
    I hate being talked down to.
    I hate people who would rather not think.
    I hate when I have emotions because I have no idea what to do with them.
    I hate anybody who thinks Im a terrible person because Im indifferent to their self inflicted emotional pain.
    I hate people who adapt to their environment instead of adapting their environment to them.
    I hate shopping. Whoever thought such an activity could be fun was clearly insane.
    I also hate shopping malls. They are inhabited by creatures that I can hardly describe as human.
    I hate the color brown. It is ugly and I can find no use for it.
    I hate the warnings on coffee cups that say the coffee is hot. It had better be or Im getting a refund.
    I hate vegetarians. They arent accomplishing anything besides making themselves look like douches.
    I hate all forms of creaky hinges. They never cease to annoy me.
    I hate walking into a public bathroom stall only to find that its previous occupant made a mess.
    I hate teenage boys whose primary goal in life is to get laid. I do, however, have respect for the girls who have figured out how to exploit this phenomenon.
    I hate seeing graffiti on private property.
    I hate double standards.
    I hate instruction booklets that are written in Chinese but with English words.
    I hate that one guy who sits a few rows behind you at baseball games who is piss drunk and screaming the entire time.
    I hate encountering similar people on other occasions.
    I hate drug addicts. I want them to all either get clean or get dead.
    I hate anybody who thinks Machiavelli is the name of a rapper.
    I hate Bob Dylans voice.
    I hate every word that has ever come out of Sean Penns mouth.
    I hate that if a black man is intelligent and successful he is said to act white and is shunned by his peers.
    I hate white supremacists who think that since their great granddaddies did something great that they can ride their coattails and complain from their trailers.
    I hate Ralph Nader for putting Bush in office.
    I hate people with shirts that say WWJD? What would YOU do?
    I hate when politicians try to play up their humble roots or their family lives. Why does it matter?
    I hate people who think its unfair that soldiers die during wars. They signed up for it.
    I hate the entire cast of Jackass for still being alive to reproduce.
    I hate Lil John for encouraging people to randomly yell out Yeah!, Okay! and What?
    I hate former Senator John Sherman (1823-1900).
    I hate people who would pay for a 16 gig iPod with a phone in it for $500 when they could buy a normal phone and an 80 gig iPod for ~$350.
    I hate anybody who thinks that if they kill themselves they will be surrounded by seventy some virgins.
    I hate 1337sp33k.
    I hate people who leave their turning signals on or dont even turn them on.
    Finally, I hate anybody who thinks nobody could possibly hate them.

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    haha I remember Mr. Galt.

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    An insightful post by our beloved Sass:

    Quote Originally Posted by sassafrassquatch View Post
    The rules cater to the easily offended bed wetting majority.

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    Sassafrassquatch sure was easily offended.

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