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    Here is something to which I have never received a straight answer (though I have my opinions): do you masterbate, women? F and T alike? How is it? Is it something that you do to do it (like me), or is it something you do when you are in the mood? Do you wake up with a hard clitoris (like me, but mine is much MUCH bigger) and have to do that day-to-day, or is it just limp and saggy, and for some growth you lust and pray (lame)?

    Tell me what it is all about?

    And most importantly: do you know?

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    I masturbate and I assume many if not most girls, at least from my generation masturbate as well.

    Like most people, I masturbate when my mood inclines me, and my circumstances afford me to do so.
    'Cause you can't handle me...

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    And don't forget the rat traps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    dammit... that's just where I was going to head if I switched genders for a day!

    oooh... I'd never thought of that! And the ability to feel a lot safer while walking through bad areas late at night!
    Eh, I never feel safe walking anywhere at nightand i'm a guy. I'm not a big or thickly built person, and I don't carry a gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainChick View Post

    I just remembered something that *sucks* about being a woman.

    Getting slipped the "hug" attack.

    There are those guys out there who take advantage of the standard hug, and you know who you are.

    I cannot even recall the amount of times a guy has given me a "hug" and strategically used this intimately proximal moment to press their parts into me, and kind of trap me in a five second too long embrace.



    Guys, real winners, who feel the need to cat call at you, and when you walk past, ignoring them, they mutter, or yell something along the lines of, "Pfft, whatever you ugly bitch!"


    I would say that 50 to 60 percent of all catcalls end up like this, starting off as "hey beautiful" and ending with "fine, fuck you, bitch!"

    Are men this perverted, pathetic and well, boorish and stupid?!!?!?

    Surely I am not the only chick who has experienced this awful behavior!!!
    I'm starting to feel like a freak of nature . I never act like this to women. I try very hard to not stare at boobs and I dislike hugging or touching ANYONE besides my family. If I think a woman (or man) knows what they are talking about and I need their help in that area I listen to their advise...

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    I do not like feeling like prey, but I really don't get hit on or harassed very often, probably because I'm fairly plain, flat-chested, and look like an uptight librarian. Occasionally I'll notice being checked out, but it's rare.

    Periods are unpleasant, but mine are not terrible and a couple of ibuprofen usually takes care of the worst of it. Pre-mense moodiness is annoying, but also not a huge deal for me most of the time.

    Pregnancy was kind of miserable, but there's nothing like feeling your child start moving and watching a little foot skim around underneath your skin. I wouldn't have missed that for anything.

    Childbirth, it does hurt pretty bad at times, but it doesn't really last that long and you do kind of forget it as soon as you see and hold your baby (or I tended to).

    Nursing, sore nipples and engorged, leaking breasts, unpleasant. Not having to make bottles, getting the oxytocin boost, knowing your body is nourishing your baby and seeing their little milk dribbled smiles, pretty wonderful.

    Boobs, mine are small and usually not much a problem. A little pre-mense soreness. And bras can be uncomfortable.

    Expectations on moms can really blow sometimes, especially if you are disorganized and don't always notice things like your kid is wearing his brother's pants that are too sizes too small or you are supposed to show up for the fiftieth school assembly of the quarter that will be so crowded that you will barely be able to distinguish your child from the other fifty second graders. But then there are the times you catch your kid going out of their way to be nice to someone they don't have to be nice to and you think maybe you aren't doing so bad.

    I suspect my sex drive is not as strong as most males and it's cyclical. I think that is nice because constantly being horny seems like it would be distracting. OTOH, you have to find a compromise with your partner, because their drive is unlikely to coincide with your own.

    Being treated like you are stupid or don't know what you are talking about because you lack a penis is exasperating. Example, when we bought our house, we had to get our cable service installed for phone and internet. I had already discussed with my husband how we wanted to do things and we agreed that we only needed one phone/internet cable and they guy would not believe me. He kept asking me if I didn't want more. I tried to explain that we hate the phone anyway and my husband can run whatever needs run in the house, but he wouldn't get it through his head. My husband came home from work and he asked my husband. And when he said we only wanted one, that was the end of it. Discussion over. He had heard from on high. My husband thought he was an idiot.

    Our male neighbors tend to want to talk to my husband about things instead of me, as well. We hate that because my husband does not like to talk to people and he's often tired from work. I'm more outgoing and my job is not as demanding, so I usually try to run interference for him, but they always want to talk to him. Frustrating.

    Women's clothes are silly compared to men's. Way silly and impractical and often poorly made. And that stinks.

    Being pretty is nice. Especially when it is appreciated by your SO.

    Standard disclaimer: the experiences and opinions expressed above are my own and do not necessarily reflect the experiences and opinions of all women. YMYV . . . blah blah blah . . . etc, etc
    “There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.”
    ~ John Rogers

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    Quote Originally Posted by cafe View Post
    I think that is nice because constantly being horny seems like it would be distracting.
    You have no idea. :steam:

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    Quote Originally Posted by cafe View Post
    I suspect my sex drive is not as strong as most males and it's cyclical. I think that is nice because constantly being horny seems like it would be distracting.
    Yeah, I dunno what's worse, constantly being horny or bleeding and pain once a month... (including for the outside world btw :P)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluemonday View Post
    It's interesting/depressing to compare the "what's it like to be a girl?" thread with the "what's it like to be a boy thread?" (before it got hijacked, that is).

    On the one had we have rape, how to kill someone, debilitating pain, bloody anecdotes, partial lesbianism and quite a lot of bitching.

    On the other "OMFG, we got nutz and it rocks!"


    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    OMFG we got bewbz and it rocks!

    I love bewbz, rally I do.
    Quote Originally Posted by bluemonday View Post
    LOL. You can have mine.

    Quote Originally Posted by Orangey View Post
    ^^What do you think it signifies?
    Either men lie, or being a guy is a better deal.
    Also, most women are unsatisfied.

    None of these things are revelatory, I grant you.

    & umm... very revealing or rather, revealing is enticingly gooood .. right? its the inherent subtle element of mystery etc ?

    And on a related note, this is a rough quote from some flick, "Speaking of getting in touch with your feminine side... if I had a female side, I never stop stop 'getting in touch' with it"

    not revealing in the least


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    So, is this how it should be? Have we boiled ourselves down to nothing more than Bewbz, Nutz, Rape, Masturbation and other sexual acts?

    How about the fact that together men and women can make a society better by ultimately raising children that are better than themselves. X and Y are two faces of the same coin and without one the other would be meaningless. There is no difference of value as each has been allotted a very important trust.

    You can complain all you want but you can't do anything about what Mother Nature has already chosen for you. Women are able to give birth and have been given physiological abilities that make them better nurturers, you can argue against this all you want but you can't beat the shit out of science. Men are physically stronger because nature chose for them the task of providing; sure many of them are slime balls that defer away from this trust, but not all.

    Well, to stop ranting, what I am trying to get at is that our purpose in life should be to make this place a better world to live in, and each of us can do this in their own way. Many books have been written about the illusion of gender roles and such, but if we are denying the fact that we are different then we are just deluding ourselves. Again, I am not for or against gender roles in this argument, I am just trying to say that we have a higher purpose than fucking.

    Stupid Ne, because no one is going to be able to figure out why this rant came about even though it makes total sense to me.

    Boo Hiss, Booo Hiissssss . . .
    Seek freedom and become captive of your desires, seek discipline and find your liberty.

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