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    It helps me advertise my goods to possible consumers.

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    I like dancing, because it's a good way to stop boredom.
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    Some reasons why I believe generally speaking some of them may like or enjoy dancing:

    Biological- Dancing can expose someone's level of physical coordination. This can be seen as a positive trait, similarly to how physical strength is seen as positive trait.

    Psychological- It is a form of self expression. Ballet, interpretive dance, or just bopping around a room are all forms of expressing one's emotions, feelings, et cetera. For some it is a means of expressing what they see as being ineffable or what may lose meaning should it be crafted into another format that is inappropriate for what is desired to be expressed. Also during dancing there can exist a certain emotional bond between two people. A certain warmth and closeness. You could feel close to someone and look them in their eyes and feel loved. Dancing can be means of expressing one's affection. It is an activity that is also symbolically tied to romance and love and so partaking in it can help make some people's relationship feel more whole.

    Social- Society tries to "breed" a liking of dancing into them. If someone goes against the norm they may be labeled as weird or defective; they may even be bullied. As a result some conform to avoid any negative effects of not doing so.

    That being said each and every individual is different and so their reasons would also differ. I am pretty sure that there are females who do not enjoy dancing and that they are males who do- some for the aforementioned psychological reason and others for for their own
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    A. Its fun
    B. They look HOT doing it
    C. If you are any good at it they seem to really really really like that
    D. stop being lame. Dancing is hot.
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