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    Hmmmm... when I was nine, huh?

    With the knowledge of time travel (this note) search for the person who creates this. His name is Ron Shantzer.

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    Dear soon to be 11 year old me,
    [YOUTUBE="n3JoJ99gHw4"]Keep your head up![/YOUTUBE]

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    I would email myself saying- hey buy Netflix stock and Nintendo stock as well!
    Buy as much as you can!
    Me and hubby made an RPG Nutrition Game
    Play and Vote July 14th to Aug 14th

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    Dear 12 year old me,

    I am sorry I am not with you right now and you're so lonely. You shouldnt take the shit from everyone, they are wrong and abusive. You are great. And dont go to science school and med school, you would hate it. Love you.

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    Get out a bit more, focus on improving your brains and sleep well, enjoy life and drop some of those extremely unhealthy habits, enjoy people and don't be so god damn self-centered. And rememeber sleeping well, and taking care of yourself and chasing your interests will lead you to a much better outcome in life.
    "Where can you flee? What road will you use to escape us? Our horses are swift, our arrows sharp, our swords like thunderbolts, our hearts as hard as the mountains, our soldiers as numerous as the sand. Fortresses will not detain us, nor arms stop us. Your prayers to God will not avail against us. We are not moved by tears nor touched by lamentations."

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    Dear J,
    Dont mess with the wrong guys period. Be healthy and stay positive! Oh and credit cards are evil!! Beware...

    Luv, J from the future
    Fe | Ni | Se | Ti ... 3w4 ... Lawful Neutral ... Johari -Nohari

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    Dear Matt,

    I wish I could tell you every little thing that's about to happen to you but I will just give you some of the highlights and the really important stuff.

    - Try to stay within your budget man. I know right now you're financially retarded and you're going to make some really stupid mistakes. Try to keep your spending under control and for the love of God and everything that is holy, PLEASE pay off your credit cards!

    - Cherish the time you have driving that Cadillac. The motor mount is eventually going to fall apart and you'll have to get a new car, but DAMN I loved driving that car!

    - Remember to tell Oma how much you love her and how much you've appreciated everything she's done for you. Don't ask me why, just do it

    - Don't feel guilty for what happened between you and Audrey. While your actions were certainly stupid, it wasn't because of you that she stopped talking to you, it was our parents. Her and our parents agreed that it would be best if you and her didn't talk to each other anymore. Please don't be angry at Mom and Dad, they were only worried about you.

    Eventually you're going to run into each other again (I won't tell you when) and she'll tell you everything I just did. You two will make up and will become friends again


    - Hang in there!!! Right now Matt you're going through the beginning stages of what's going to become a really deep depression. That feeling of isolation and loneliness that you're feeling is only to get much, much worse. Eventually you're evening going to wind up in the hospital because of your suicidal behavior.

    But please, stay strong, don't be afraid, things will get better! You're going to meet this really amazing woman in the VERY near future from now. Her name is Jennifer, and she's going to change your life forever. I won't tell you how you'll meet, only that you will and that when you do, you're going to fall in love with her and -get this- she's going to fall in love with you! She's going to show you so many aspects of yourself that you didn't think existed and I can't even begin to tell you the joy you're going to feel when she's in your arms. Truthfully, I envy you, there are a great many times I wish I could relive those days as I miss them and I miss her.

    I won't tell you what happens between the two of you, just remember to always follow your heart and do what you feel is right. Things will turn out for the best, I promise.

    So hang in there man, for both of our sakes!
    "The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it."
    ― Woodrow Wilson

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    Carpe diem.
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
    — Mark Twain

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    I would send my 10 year old self a dismembered horse head to scare the shit out of myself, thereby coaxing myself into productivity.

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    In truth, I wouldn't want to send myself an e-mail, because I think that all of the lessons I've learned over the past decade are things that only experience, high though its price may be, can teach you.

    If I were to try to take the easy way out, though, I would give myself a carefully ordered list of books to read; tell myself to focus on loving people instead of envying them or feeling inferior; send back the mountain of stuff I've worked on writing (with some explanations and organization); urge myself to go see an orthodontist while my bones are still growing, otherwise I'm going to have some mild speech problems; and tell myself not to touch any psychological medicine the doctors try to shove down my throat.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mystic Tater View Post
    I would send my 10 year old self a dismembered horse head to scare the shit out of myself, thereby coaxing myself into productivity.
    It would be even more effective to send yourself your own head. Not only would it scare you, but once the terror wore off, you would be able to pull it out and say "Yes, I agree," whenever someone says that two heads are better than one. (Granted, you can already do that, but in a very different, and far less appropriate sense.)
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