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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
    Hmm, that one gets to me. I wish I could help my brother, but not even my parents seem to be of any use. Hopefully he'll find his own way, a good way, soon enough.
    Yeah. We all do. But my brother is deaf and is having trouble transitioning into adulthood. Poor little ENTJ (don't I mean big ENTJ? 6'4"). Heh... the thing is, my parents made him basically grow up in a hearing world and he doesn't feel a part of it now OR the Deaf community. It's sad. But things are turning around for him.

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    Dear Riel,

    Don't worry too much on your studies. Study, but don't let your studies ruin your social networking. Also, when you reach highschool, get enough sleep, make a lot of friends, and still study. Before stepping into highschool, plan on what interests you the most and you would want to do for the rest of your life. Don't worry, Internet is already available at that time and the 2000 bug has passed away. Don't take up Bachelor of Science in Nursing because after 2 years you'll quit from the course. Consult your guidance counselor before shifting to another course. Your mother and you will become close, though you might not believe it.

    P.S. You'll meet guys you want to die for..and eventually fall out of love for.

    Goodluck, sweetheart!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluebell View Post
    Dear 26yo me

    Things aren't what they seem. Everything will make sense if you cut off all contact with your parents and read these couple of books. Otherwise you're in for a couple of truly hellish years and some other not so good years.

    Oh, and buy a house as soon as you can.

    older me
    Dear younger me

    Also, you'll be healthier and happier single. Really.

    older me much smoke pouring out of each chromosome.

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    Dear 11-year-old Lacey,

    You feel like the ugliest girl in the world right now, but later you will start to be okay with yourself.

    When you want to learn how to play guitar in a couple years, DO IT!

    Start learning Japanese now.

    Some really bad stuff is going to go down with your family. Just be ready for it.

    Later, you will want to quit all kinds of dance except tap. Just go with it, and don't be so emo about it.

    21-year-old Lacey

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    The 8 year old me would never receive an email because he wouldn't know how to. (sorry.) =P


    Dear 8 year old Mike,

    Don't give up and don't allow yourself to go into your shell when times are tough. Talk to your friends more in those times -- don't just completely drop contact -- and keep focusing on basketball. Don't let it slip away. =/



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    Dear precocious overachieving 9-year-old,

    Don't make the bed tomorrow. Don't study for that math quiz. You'll realize that none of it matters to you.

    When you ask dad about taking ballet lessons, he'll say, "What are you gonna do if someone comes along and mugs you? Dance for them?" and make you take karate. Don't give in. Cry if you have to. Push for ballet lessons. You'll quit karate in two months anyway. If you can, push for flute lessons too. You'll play and be good at it in a couple of years, but if you start now... you might just be amazing.

    Don't feel too bad about the Spice Girls breaking up. You'll get to see them on their reunion tour.

    When you discover Google (or you may already have!), look this up: ENTP. It'll all make sense, trust me. It's the reason why you hate playing house and planning out weddings.

    I'll tell you more but I'm afraid I'm already breaking the space-time continuum. Take chances, make mistakes and get messy.

    Cordially yours,
    Future Dwight Ariel

    P.S. Y2K is not the end of the world. You will not see Satan's face plastered all over computer screens. Please stop your easily persuadable mom from buying the books.
    "Always be yourself - unless you suck."

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    Dear sad 14-year-old rooo in skinny jeans even though all the girls are wearing flares,

    Lighten up. I don't mean weight-wise, that'll happen naturally. You're not supposed to look like a torso on two twigs, you're not 5'2". You're not fat. Stop wasting so much time on the stationary bike. Go outside more though. They aren't all looking at you. People are too wrapped up in their own lives to remember much.

    Mom never told you that you probably have ADD because your Aunt didn't believe in it and right now, your Mom defers only to your Aunt. Ask to try the meds. It WILL get better.

    Don't be afraid of tweezers. Or hair conditioner. They'll tide you over until you finally get the braces off.

    Hold onto your friends, even if you like being alone.

    Get yourself to a sex store, arm yourself with a few toys and just hang tight and enjoy the ride til you're a few years older than legal age. You don't need an excuse for finding Alan Rickman sexier than J.T.T.

    Yes almost everything in the 80s was the most excellent. The 80s will make a comeback, you are a decade ahead of everyone else. You will miss the 90s for its music sooner than you think. I'm afraid it gets worse generally, but fashion gets better--you will finally be able to buy tshirts that go past your belly.

    Don't worry about school so much right now. Focus on what you love to do. Math class won't matter much in 10 years.

    Don't let Mom sell your entire Ninja Turtles collection at the flea market for $15 even if right now you're feeling too depressed and complicated to appreciate their awesomeness anymore.

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    Dear Me,

    Please realise that you're going to be an all right person and that you're doing well in your circumstances. Oh, and do more mildly illegal things that involve trespassing and climbing fences and trees to get amazing views of Mt. Hood. Those were really fun.

    P.S. All that absolute shite about looking a certain way can go fuck itself. No, seriously. In the end, since you're active and stay out of the sun because you burn, you look just fine. Honestly, enjoy the sensations of life, ashke.

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    Dear six-year-old Emma,

    Tell a trusted adult outside of your family about what you are feeling and ask them to get you help for it. It is a disease and it is not normal.

    Be yourself and remember that you have value. You don't have to try to be anyone you don't want to be in order to conform to or rebel against what your dad wants. There is no pleasing him, he is not like other dads. There is no beating him, he is in a world of his own. Be who you really want to be, like what you want to like, and take care of yourself.

    In several years, get Alex's contact information when he tells you he is moving.

    Helen speaks more poison than she does wisdom. Don't listen to her, especially when she tries to tell you what you are and aren't allowed to do. You don't want to be like her.

    Don't trust Tim. He will turn into your dad with time.

    You can trust your mom. Trust what she says and do what she tells you.

    You should try to watch as much Mister Rogers' Neighborhood as you can.

    You don't need to feel guilty for wrong things you haven't done, or good things that you have done.

    Loving yourself does not make you conceited.

    DO NOT accept the cat that Grandma will try to give to you for your ninth birthday, you want to get a cat at Petsmart.

    Sincerely, sixteen-year-old Emma
    "I feel so strongly that the deep and simple is far more essential than the shallow and complex." -Fred Rogers

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    Be a kid

    even better: just be

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