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    do not make any major life decisions until you are 30!
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    I don't think I had my own email address ten years ago.

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    10 years is half my life. god i don't know. i'm a person of no regrets. i wouldnt have much to say. life is /was always great.
    - From your fun-loving ESFP.
    Se/Fi/Te/Ni, 44% E / 88% S / 62% F / 67% P

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    Senor Membrane
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    How come I missed this thread? Oh, its in A&E forum... Strange.

    But, man, if I was to send an e-mail. I have no idea what I would say. So much has happened and changed... I know my almost 17-year-old self would be interested, but I really don't know how to put it on paper.

    Maybe I'd say it will be fine. Believe in yourself. You are not the smartest guy out there but it's ok, you still don't need others telling you what to do. Keep in touch with all the people you really like, you wouldn't believe how rare they are. Don't feel sorry for yourself. Drink more.

    And he would be like, what are you talking about there's nothing wrong with me. It's just the other people and the situation in general. I need to do this duty I am given so I don't have time now to think about some ramblings of "future me", that's ridiculous.

    You wouldn't believe where and how you'll be in ten years.

    Yeah, sure. Stop sending me these mails. I need to go to sleep.

    Oh, enjoy, this is about the last good night sleep you will get in years to come. You'll see, it will get harder from now on. But don't give up.

    Sure sure.

    Oh, btw, you should really ask her out.

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    GOOG 12/07

    you were right about everything.



    p.s. dont go off and do some crazy shit because you know you wont die in the next 10 years

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    Don't listen to those idiots, you're not a crazy or horrible person. Enjoy what you have while you have it don't live in the past.

    Things will get easier one day, and you will have friends almost as strange as you are (almost. )
    When god hands you a lemon, give it a gigantic bite.

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    Dear 26yo me

    Things aren't what they seem. Everything will make sense if you cut off all contact with your parents and read these couple of books. Otherwise you're in for a couple of truly hellish years and some other not so good years.

    Oh, and buy a house as soon as you can.

    older me much smoke pouring out of each chromosome.

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    Dear 17 year old me,

    You are not as good as you think you are. Pay more attention in English class and make up for the D- you got last year, you might find you really enjoy it and are quite interested. Forget the fact you are going to nearly ace all three maths subjects in your final year, it will give you a good entry score for uni, but won't lead you to look in the right direction for fulfilling careers. Talk to the guy who you have a stand off with and mock in Science class. One day he may be your best friend and one of the most brilliant people you know. Care less what people think, show a bit more of yourself. Learn to understand yourself. Make the most of the friendships you will have, and never let petty arguments stand between you, because sometimes you don't get a chance to rectify it. Know that people see the world differently to you and learn to adapt to it. Learn that love does not work sometimes not because it is not there, but because it is not taken. Realise the stunning girl who you have always had a crush on, who comes to see you play sport even when sick with the flu might have a crush on you also. Though at some stage you may think you are bisexual, you are just an NF male. Yes, there is a difference. Believe in what you are, because feeling is not a weakness but a weapon. Know the power of what you are given and do not misuse it. Do not fall into the trap of thinking those who you can not reconcile differences with are destructive or evil. Sometimes they are, but you are not on a crusade and Ne Fi is not a disabling tool or Point-of-view gun. Keep the playfulness. Learn that as much as grief can make you distant there are reasons to come back. Ignore the advice that says things should be done a certain way, and success is made a certain way. Keep following your interests and you'll be okay. Pick up your guitar more and learn to play it properly, you will be quite frustrated with your musical skills when you learn of your lyrical skills. Learn to paint. Travel lots. Meet people, connect with people. Don't stop looking in their eyes and seeing. Sometimes you'll feel you don't want to know. But dehumanisation is not a solution. Understand the things that scare you. Realise the beauty in your INFJ friend and that you will one day idolise characteristics you originally detested. Get closer to your father. Get closer to everyone. Write, write, write, write. You are crap at English, but not as crap as you think. Hug more, smile more, inspire more, strut more! .

    Mine's truely,
    Freude, schöner Götterfunken Tochter aus Elysium, Wir betreten feuertrunken, Himmlische, dein Heiligtum! Deine Zauber binden wieder Was die Mode streng geteilt; Alle Menschen werden Brüder, Wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt.

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    Dear CM,

    Beware the snow.


    P.S. Stop trying to be your INTJ older brother.

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    This is all I can think of to say:

    Try harder to take advantage of and appreciate situations that are not exactly what you expected or wanted. Think more carefully about what you want out of life in terms of 10-20 years, not just 4 or 5. Try to train yourself to appreciate/accept that many things about people don't make sense, and push yourself to be less cruel and demanding upon those close to you. Stop taking them for granted.

    Don't run away from challenge and take the path of least resistance all the time. Try a few extracurricular activities or AP classes... you'll find that you won't be so bored all time, yawning through class, and looking at your report card unimpressed by your own A's, knowing inside that they meant nothing. You might even find some actual peers... you know that the people you've been working alongside were hardly your peers, despite being close in age.

    Realize that there are things worse than failure, and that avoiding it should not be the basis of every choice you make (though I'm definitely not telling you it shouldn't be a consideration). Despite your natural bias, failure is something that can be recovered from more easily than you would expect. People often get second chances. Many take even more.

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