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    Hello, I am Michelle Marie & I don't know my socionics type. I'm new to socionics and I've only been reading about socionics for a month.
    I've been considering almost any type because I am unaware of how socionics works.
    I'm a enigma within myself. I can contradict myself a lot and it doesn't seem like there is a type that truly makes sense to me. I've chosen INTp for right now; but I want to learn about other possible results before I completely settle on INTp.

    Here is a little Myers-Briggs Personality Type background.
    I, as of right now based on the cognitive functions type myself as an ISTJ 4w5.
    I understand I may be mistyped but Its likely I am not.

    & Before you ask, Yes, I've tried feeler types in MBTI and I realized I was a thinker. I've been very open-minded with just about every type except for an extroverted type because I just don't and never have been or thought I was extroverted.

    I've had others type me in MBTI theory and I notice a lot of people speak of Se.
    I don't think I use Se. I've been getting ISTP a lot lately and even INTJ.
    I personally don't think I am an ISTP. I could possibly be an INTJ.

    So far what I know about my tritype is 4w5 & a possible 7, 9 or 1 in there ? Maybe even a 6 or 5 in there? I'm pretty sure about the one though. I'll let y'all decide.


    Here is a video of me talking. (This is my default behavior.)


    <-- This is me after a good day.

    <-- This is me when I first started getting into MBTI. (I typed as an INFP/ISFP 4w5.)

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    You're not likely to get much help here, very few people talk about socionics and I'm a terrible typist myself.

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    I think I've typed you elsewhere already. I was thinking an introverted logic type like LSI/ISTj or LII/INTj, possibly ILI if you really like those ESFps

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    @LavenderSoda Ni-INFp is my personal guess.

    Socionics Gallery (socionixgallery) on Pinterest

    Socionics is all about intertype relations, and there are generally really only 4 types. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Ni-INFp is a subtype of Betas. The best way to type I found is to study how each quadra manifests their mentality/focus in the moment, reading into these abstract implicit cues which is what this link is going to be all about: Videos, videos, videos. Sociotypes must be studied as live examples, because their holistic definition is so clear and manifest in the actual mental cues: you can clearly read peoples' functions by observing where their live focus and expression goes, and you actually visually connect with your Quadra. That's the only way we can really study something real and useful in typology, in effect saying, these functions may be live and abstract, but they're incredibly powerful fundamentals in humans. You connect least with the opposite Quadra. These Sociotypes are foundationally Jungian.

    Ni-INFps are Subjective-Dynamic Intuition, Subjective-Static Thinking, Objective-Dynamic Feeling, and Objective-Static Sensing.
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    dead ringer for IEI-Fe

    IEI-Fe on Pinterest

    both MBTI and socionics have a common origin in Jung, don't let anybody tell you different. This is a good article by Viktor Gulenko fleshing out differences/similarities between MBTI and socionics. (the main difference is intertype relations obviously but also Model A)

    Speaking Different Languages, Striving for the Same - Victor Gulenko
    Click here for my 2500+ Enneagram Type List. It's the only valid breakdown for every enneagram type, wing and stack.

    here for the only valid visual typing model of stackings on earth and socionics.
    here for succint enneagram type descriptions
    here for 100+ FICTIONAL EXEMPLARS, here for STACKEMUP vs. R&H; here for the SUPREME ENNEAGRAM PRIMER.

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    You type yourself by reading the 4 socionics dichotomies, which are more or less correlated with the Myers-Briggs' but not exactly the same.

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