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Thread: Fi in xEIs

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    Default Fi in xEIs

    Heloo guys!

    I have a question... How do think introverted ethics manifests itself in IEIs and SEIs? According to the theory both have 4 dimensional Fi and should be just as good at using Fi as they're at using Fe. The only difference is that they favour extroverted ethics more so they push Fi into the background even though it's very strong in them.
    A person will often have just as sophisticated an understanding of this function as his or her leading function. Unlike the ignoring function it plays a major part in a person's worldview
    One will often use the demonstrative function to defend and further support their beliefs made in the vulnerable function.
    This is just theory though. I wonder if you've noticed the usage of Fi in xIEs? If so how did they use it? The fun thing with the 8th function in socionics is that it's the strongest along with the 1st function so when it comes to strenght Fi and Si in SEIs are two strongest functions, and Ni and Fi in IEIs are the same. Do you think that people could relate to their demonstrative function too much and reject the 2nd function which is only 3 dimensional?
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    In terms of strength of functions (dimensionality): demonstrative > creative

    In terms of preference though: creative > demonstrative

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    Out of the two, I think I know SEI better

    They experience Fi quite strongly in the sense that they have an understanding of how they experience each individual in their life. They understand who they get along with best and who they are most repelled by. They will make note of who they enjoy spending time with and will try to understand each person's individual qualities. They desire to spend time with people they enjoy the most and can be their most authentic selves with. They really don't like serious people. If they deem that you're not "fun" (don't like to laugh or tease each other), then they will write you off/limit contact with you.

    They also spend time thinking about their individual traits and what matters to them on a personal level.

    So yeah, they can use Fi as well as an Fi dominant person since they try to pick people and situations that are right for them individually. Still,
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    Well, like OP said, Fi is in the Id block for SEI and IEI, and the functions in the Id block are strong and well-developed, but devalued compared to the functions in the Ego block (their Fe). Meaning, xEIs are equally capable of Fi as they are of Fe, but strongly prefer their Fe and suppress their Fi.

    I can see this in myself quite a bit. I have more than once had people who don't know me well enough mistake me for a Fi ego type (and Fi dominants in MBTI as well). Only certain situations bring out the Fi for me, and I find the Fi use to be more stressful and tiresome than my natural Fe preferred way of doing things. I definitely relate to @thoughtlost's comment about 'writing people off' if I decide they aren't worth my time. Not just if they're too serious or something though; I tend to mentally write anyone off who I simply don't see as being of interest of value to me in some way / don't see myself having any sort of meaningful contact with. And yeah, that definitely means people who I don't / wouldn't enjoy being around. Which is sometimes 'too serious' people (especially the eyeroll-worthy kind), but can also include people who don't take anything seriously enough.

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