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    Thanks @kittenke I was wondering what was being represented by the symbols. My worst skill is anything math related.
    So, (pulling something out of thin air here lol) Ni>Se>Ne=Ti would be Se eats Ni so Se is better. Yet Ne eats Se so Ne is greater. Ne=Ti means they're equal. So, wouldn't it be better to say Ne Ti Se Ni But then, how does that turn into Type

    So, yeah. Thanks for the explanation because I'm clueless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kittenke View Post
    Te and Ti are MOST DECIDEDLY not the same in the two systems.

    Maybe Ne and Ni are close enough.

    That is possible as it does describe me. As does INTj-Ne and ENTp-Ti

    It explains an ambitious part of myself so I'll wear those shoes for a bit and see how it feels
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    How fascinating the mind is.

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    1Ne according to tests but I have not settled on any subtype bc neither of EII subtype descriptions fully describe me
    im also of the opinion that people can shift between subtypes given a specific context, in my father I can clearly see manifestations of both ILI subtypes, and obviously I have known him long enough, haha
    perhaps there are people who relate more to one subtype over another

    my brother read both EII description and he said he couldn't see me in either one, and I do have more traits of the Fi subtype in reality, in the appearance that is
    so idk

    but no the EII-Ne does not actually describe me and Fi subtype is too conscientiousness and disciplined, I have some "irrational" tendencies
    Gulenko might explain it through C maybe (DCNH - C stands for Creative, this subtype lends a type to behave in "uncharacteristic" ways)

    there's also the possibility that I could be EII-0
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