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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
    The issue I have with Beta is the concern with social issues and group activities. I'm also not a very decisive person in general.

    I've never typed as anything from Socionics. Although I've tested as IEI, SEI, ESI, and EII, but mostly as IEI and SEI.

    The Se in ESI from what I've read comes off very pushy and in your face. I'm a lot more loose than that. But I think I've read somewhere that Russian culture has a more assertive grasp on Se compared to the West, so it would manifest differently depending on where one is raised. I can still see the type as a possibility.

    The issue I have with Socionics is that I find it too specific to where there are portions of types I can easily identify with and others I don't. That's why I'm on the fence with many of them, but admittedly I haven't researched enough on the subject to really have a firm understanding on it either.
    I've met ESIs who aeren't pushy and the ones that are are usually Se subtypes, and even then I wouldn't say too pushy. I wouldn't call them "in your face" either. I've only met one ESI who was pushy and in your face and while I believe she was the extreme subtype of Se-ESI, she actually behaved alot like an Se dominant type.

    Also an interest in "social issues and activities" seem like it would have more to do with So instinct not being last than beta quadra. Decisive is a sign of beta/gamma, yes, but I can see some Ni ego types being less decisive themselves all the while valuing decisiveness in others.

    I don't have an opinion on your type, I am just pointing that stuff out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Deadpan View Post
    Your subtype is Ne. In fact, you are the embodiment of an Ne heavy Fi dom, so much so that the only way I can be certain you are INFj (INFP in Meyers-Briggs) is because you have so much Si and I don't really see Te in terms of productivity, rather you use it to forcefully project Fi boundaries (more assertively than typical Fi doms because of Sx and 8-fix).

    I don't know shit about socionics, but this is my best educated guess.
    I know less than shit about socionics so you’re still more qualified than me. Thank you for the quick yet concise breakdown of my personality and for my socionics subtype. I much prefer that method to lengthy explanations with the verbal equivalent of garnish.
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    Intuitive subtype

    The intuitive subtype appears soft even a bit diffident in communication. In conversation, he is restrained, attentive, attempts to come into good favor of his partner by giving advice and impressing him or her with his knowledge and conclusions. In such cases, his serious demeanor and gaze soften, goodwill permeates his voice. Not always absolute and categorical in his statements, but obstinate and uncompromising in his actions. May keep silent and refrain from the discussion, but won't change his opinion. His usually imperceptible emotions become visible during moments of extreme nervous pressure within intonations of his voice and impulsive gestures. Gait is calm and synchronous. Pose appears a bit restrained, especially in the shoulders which may be stooped. His movements are somewhat unsure and dilatory. Gestures are stingy and constrained, occasionally unconsciously impulsive and poorly coordinated.

    Likes to analyze various phenomena and processes. Inclined towards anything that is new and unusual, especially if it falls into the sphere of his interests. Often has a rich imagination and tries to introduce elements of creativity into his work. Has a good feel for the prospects of new ideas and initiatives. Willingly develops and works out new ideas for practical application. Able to analyze specific topics in great depth, but also shows an interest in the adjacent fields. Stable in his work performance, but quickly grows tired of routine and is in need of fresh impressions and changes. Excitable in disputes; can inspire others with some idea. Becomes uncompromising in debates when his principles are concerned, but tries to develop in himself tolerance for other people's weaknesses and for differing points of view. Usually knows how to hear out his conversation partner and to encourage his initiative in useful direction. Evaluates abilities of others and finds them a proper application. May be a good speaker and lecturer capable of briefly and clearly conveying the material to his listeners. Reserved, amiable to an extent, polite, and even-tempered, but rarely becomes very close with anyone, for he easily tires of social interaction. If he is interested in a person, he is able to come into his or her good favor by establishing intellectual contact and intriguing with ideas and new suggestions. Quite private, does not like discussing his personal life and does not allow his feelings to take precedence over the interests of business or personal principles. Although in relation with others he is reserved and distrustful, he is inclined to reciprocate the feelings of another person and show attention to his or her problems. Seeks support in active, lively, and strong-spirited people, who know how to encourage and provide help in business matters. Needs an emotional, optimistically oriented partner who would know how to raise his vitality. But at the slightest infringement of his independence, he retreats into himself, stubbornly defending his principles up to a break up of relations. Allows himself to get directed only by those who can persuade gently and not too aggressively. Enemy of the administrative pressuring and control; considers it obstructive to the development of a person's potential. Convinced that the main thing in work is not sense of duty but interest in the project. Strives for independence. However, at the same time he is usually disciplined, punctual, and conscientious. Makes up his plans himself and follows them exactly. Usually does not run late to events but makes it in the allotted time. Sometimes he is too categorical in his judgments and intolerant of different points of view. He will not dramatically change his beliefs, conclusions, habits and orientations under the influence of new facts and circumstances. He reviews and changes his former views with much difficulty and sometimes exhibits senseless obstinacy. Due to high self-esteem and a developed sense of dignity, it can be difficult for him to admit to being wrong. All of this does not make him the easiest partner to deal with and creates plenty of interpersonal problems in his life. Internally, he may acutely experience his disappointments, but tries to avoid quarrels out of fear of losing control and losing respect of others. Skeptical and distrustful, but does not show this. Restrained in the expression of his feelings, but when he is in a good mood can liven up the conversation with his humor. Yielding and compliant in matters of everyday life. If he cannot completely avoid household chores and other mundane tasks, he will try to postpone them. Dislikes bureaucracy, having to petition various departments and to prepare documents. Shows inertness in such matters even if he sees that his project is suffering. Tries to rely on the help of others in such cases. Does not always take care of his health, but understands its importance. In treatment of illness lacks in consistency and follow-through. Tries to keep up with latest tastes and prevailing styles, to have a presentable appearance.

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    5w4 sx/sp
    ILI Ni


    Enn Eye
    MBTI: INTJ (82% I; 95% N; 62% T; 76% J)
    Conscious Function Preferences: Ni > Fi > Te > Ne > Ti > Se > Fe > Si
    Enneagram: 5w4 - 3w4 - 8w9 Sx/Sp
    Socionics: ILI-1Ni
    Big 5: RLoE|I|
    Temperament: Melancholic/Choleric

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    ILE Ti



    I can seem like an ENTJ at times.
    “An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.”
    Charles Bukowski

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    EII-Ne I think.

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    ILI-Ni, after reading through things briefly. Though twice in others' typing of me I've been given LIE-Ni with ILI-Ni as the next alternative.
    Some odd middle ground of those two is me, mostly because generally I can be a bit hazy on E/I facets anyway.

    UPDATE: LIE-Ni. Not ILI of either subtype.
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    S K Y K I N G
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    Its existence had been completely unknown because it lived so high in the sky.
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    LIE Ni


    ILE-Ti "logical"

    It sounds like entp really... but socionics is different I keep hearing so idk if it is or not. It sounds the same. The "Ti" part is the fact that I'm still a bit more rough around the edges. From what I know it comes across as entp with j tendencies, which admittedly I am like
    "A life that lives without doing anything is the same as a slow death." - Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Alignment: True Neutral/Chaotic Neutral (Rational Neutral - Rebel Neutral)
    House: Slytherin
    ENTP-Ti / Logical

    9w8, 5w4, 3w4 sx/so

    In theory: the wings create a strong 4ish imprint

    How fascinating the mind is.

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    IEI Fe


    IEI - Ni seems to fit, I really do not have enough Fe to be the ethical subtype and I'm a perciever in its truest form, I'm also pretty introverted, so it makes more sense. Most people have been typing me IEI -Fe instead, but I really can't see it tbh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fay View Post
    IEI - Ni seems to fit, I really do not have enough Fe to be the ethical subtype and I'm a perciever in its truest form, I'm also pretty introverted, so it makes more sense. Most people have been typing me IEI -Fe instead, but I really can't see it tbh.
    But you relate to MB INFP moreso than INFJ?

    My understanding of the distance between MB and Socionics is still quite limited.
    Perpetual mood

    "It is not the personality's task to tell the truth,
    but to seem to, try to, or try to seem to."

    Philip Trussell

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