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    Default ENFj - INTp Supervision experience EIE+ILI

    Does anyone have any feedback or experiences to share about how supervision happens between ENFjs and INTps?
    I'd love to read a few stories for further analysis, however, I have no real examples of this.

    References: Intertype relations, ILI, EIE.

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    ENFJs can easily come across as patronizing, belittling, insulting, etc. They effectively bring up and constantly nag about things INTPs are likely to find irrelevant, and constantly leave an INTP "exposed" (or try to set everything up to have it become that way), all while excusing themselves of wrongdoing by saying they are "just trying to help" or are "just trying to get him to open up" or are "just trying to develop him," etc.

    I don't know about Supervisory Relations specifically, but this is how my interactions/encounters tend to go with ENFJs (ie, bad).
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    INTp's.... there's something about it that leaves me unable to be myself. Like, I could think they are one of the greatest people in the world, but I will still be unable to really do much about it. So, I guess they themselves are left in the dark, but it's because I don't know how to express how I feel towards them in a way that is acceptable.

    sorry, I meant ENFjs, I am an INTp.

    If an ENFj feels that an INTp is left in the dark, then just make a really explicitly compliment to them personally. They will never judge you for being too "touchy-feely" or "lame" or something, at worse they will feel a bit awkward at the time. So?
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