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In the relations, supposedly, ENFJ will instruct ESFP to use their Ni better. ESTJ will instruct ENTP to use their Si better. Can anyone elaborate what this means?
It means the writer didn't express himself very well, So let's take enfj-esfp example: main function of enfj is Fe, this is esfp "don't care" function. Now the creative enfj function is Ni which is the "ok sir" function for esfp.

On the other hand you have esfp main function Se and this is "tell me more" function for the enfj. Then you have esfp creative Fi and this is enfj "sorry, you were saying..?" function

So now you have

esfp saying: "ok sir, but I don't really care"
enfj saying: "tell me more about it while you grab me a coffee... you were saying?"