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    which relation makes the other neurotic? because i didnt know just one person can do this, it can really ruin someone. which one wants to control you? or is it just a paranoid psychopath. which relation or type causes others to rush things? is it the IJ types Ixxp?

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    Supervisory relations make the Supervisee neurotic a good amount of the time.

    Beneficiary relations can make the Benefactor annoyed with the Beneficiary (sometimes and depending on the specific relation)

    Conflict relations make both parties somewhat passive-aggressive after a while (as open conflict will just cause unwanted cognitive pain for both of them)

    And finally,

    Terrible relations make people neurotic, relations that are independent of Socionics's assessment of cognitive harmony based on valued and devalued elements, and that which is caused by numerous and uncountable factors equally important to or more important than Socionics's school of thought.

    Not every dual makes a good relation.
    Not every supervisor makes a bad relation. (just a whole lot of them)

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