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    Default Best Online Socionics Test - Free or Not Free

    Which Socionics test do you think is the best? I think there are several characteristics of a good one:

    1. Accurate results
    2. Robust profile description
    3. Useful content provided in report

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    Default tests for Reinen dichotomies and the basic E/I N/S T/F j/p dichotomies with closer alignment of j/p dichotomies with MBTI's J/P, thus making it about as accurate as twice the veracity of humanmetrics for MBTI JCF.'s tests are relatively dull and similarly inaccurate as well. The adjectives test, however, is somewhat interesting and warrants more exploration, but could probably be misleading type-wise depending on self-objectivity.

    Honestly, the best way it would seem to type in the system is to figure out the two types you can probably be (most likely being two contrary types, like the ENTj and INTj, or ENTp and INTp) and attempt to distinguish the PoLR as well as the Hidden Agenda, as the inflation will often confuse not only the person's self-assessment but tests as well.

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