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    Default Socionics Test (Based on Valued Functions)

    Credit goes to PerC user TheGrayInk

    This is a cool test that tests specific IM elements in certain quadras to identify what your valued functions are so that you can uncover your Socionics Type. There is also another test by the same user that I recall testing for unvalued functions as well, so I'll be looking for that to post here as well. Have at it.

    My Result(s):

    Your result for The Socionics Valued Function Test ...
    ILI - INTp - Observer
    15% Ne, 73% Ni, 46% Se, 15% Si, 23% Te, 50% Ti, 15% Fe and 15% Fi!

    EDIT: Couldn't find the unvalued functions test, so here's a Reinen dichotomy test by PerC user ephemereality.

    Results from this test:

    Your result for The Socionics Test ...
    ILI - Intuitive Logical Introtratim
    32% LII, 52% ESE, 50% SEI, 53% ILE, 39% LSI, 41% EIE, 36% IEI, 44% SLE, 55% ESI, 55% LIE, 73% ILI, 44% SEE, 50% EII, 56% LSE, 48% SLI and 48% IEE!

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    I couldn't make up my mind on the first four questions, so they all got "Somewhat appealing"

    And then the rest were pretty clear.

    And then the last two were definite.

    Anyway, high five re: ILI result

    ILI - INTp - Observer
    27% Ne, 69% Ni, 31% Se, 15% Si, 42% Te, 50% Ti, 23% Fe and 42% Fi!

    Intuitive-Logical Introvert – ILI – INTp – Balzac (Critic)

    69% Ni
    50% Ti
    42% Te
    42% Fi
    31% Se
    27% Ne
    23% Fe
    15% Si

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    LII Ne


    No surprise here:

    LII - INTj - Analyst

    31% Ne, 27% Ni, 8% Se, 50% Si, 31% Te, 69% Ti, 38% Fe and 8% Fi!

    Description I: (Filatova)

    Logical Intuitive Introvert, LII, INTj, Robespierre (Analyst)

    Installation of the consciousness of the leading block: Reality is defined by its conformity with laws, which must be discovered by the LII. Through this it’s possible to more deeply investigate the essence of phenomena and processes.

    Ti: Thoughts carry an analytic nature. Knowledge is processed in accordance with conformity to laws. Erect a model, based on their experience, in their consciousness. Works scrupulously and meticulously, loves everything to be precise and in order, is very accurate in regards to details.
    Ne: Attempts to penetrate into the essence of phenomena and events, seeks the core reasons behind what occurs, generates new ideas. Knows how to foresee the ripening of global developments, possible dangers that may result.
    Se: Cannot comfortably express volitional pressure. Cannot act in ways deemed dishonorable or deplorable. Is not oriented well in the sphere of personal health and maintenance.
    Fi: Must observe norms of morals and traditions deemed necessary. Behaves in a proper manner. Prefers intellectual contact to emotional contact. Holds self at a distance psychological distance from others. Emotional expression is restrained, often based on the norms dictated by society. Tries not to interfere/get involved in conflicts. Avoids emotional situations.

    Description II: Source: Scientific Socionics Research Institute

    Logical-intuitiveintrovert(LII) aims at seeing and creating a system and regularity in everything. As a rule, they are erudites who do not like to make a show of their wide knowledge. They are extremely accurate and pedantic not only in the way of thinking but also in their environment. You will scarcely meet a person believing in miracles and trusting to luck among LII. Having set a goal they rely on their own diligence and good organization of affairs. Consistency, reliability, being stick to once given word – these are good epithets which can characterize this personality type representatives.

    LII’s drawback is the weakness of the ethics of relations which sometimes results in uncertainty, melancholy in emotional estimation of people. It is clearly seen in unfamiliar circumstances. Watching others, LII try to understand what fits this company, what is accepted there and what is rejected. However, they often fail to fit the situation. Their cheerfulness or gloominess can be out of place. Due to their weakness in differentiation of emotional nuances this type representatives see the people in black and white tones: bad – good, kind – evil, friend – enemy. LII are often characterized as thick-headed and stubborn (the function of will sensorics is hypertrophied). The fact is that they can not stand even slight falsity and lies. They can be very firm, solid like a rock, in the matters of high importance for them.

    Your Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

    Ne Distribution

    You scored 31% on Ne, higher than 41% of your peers.

    Ni Distribution

    You scored 27% on Ni, higher than 34% of your peers.

    Se Distribution

    You scored 8% on Se, higher than 12% of your peers.

    Si Distribution

    You scored 50% on Si, higher than 86% of your peers.

    Te Distribution

    You scored 31% on Te, higher than 54% of your peers.

    Ti Distribution

    You scored 69% on Ti, higher than 98% of your peers.

    Fe Distribution

    You scored 38% on Fe, higher than 83% of your peers.

    Fi Distribution

    You scored 8% on Fi, higher than 4% of your peers.
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
    Neutral Good

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    I have never actually taken a socionics test before.

    I got:

    IEE - ENFp - Advisor

    Intuitive-Ethical Extrovert IEE – ENFp – Huxley (Instigator)

    85% Ne
    54% Ni
    15% Se
    46% Si
    50% Te
    35% Ti
    35% Fe
    50% Fi

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    4w5 sx/sp


    ILE - ENTp - Inventor
    69% Ne, 27% Ni, 15% Se, 62% Si, 23% Te, 35% Ti, 23% Fe and 31% Fi!

    Uhhhh I don't think so.

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    31% Ne
    31% Ni
    23% Se
    58% Si
    31% Te
    35% Ti
    31% Fe
    15% Fi

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    INFp Ni


    IEI - INFp - Dreamer

    31% Ne, 38% Ni, 15% Se, 38% Si, 8% Te, 15% Ti, 23% Fe and 15% Fi!

    Description I: (Filatova)

    IEI – INFp – Esenin (Lyricist)

    The IEI places most value, in the world, within the luxurious gardens of his own imagination. Through this he is able to penetrate into the past and the future; to feel the surrounding world in its wholeness; to observe the dynamics of present occurrences; and furthermore to emotionally inspire people toward taking charge of activities deemed necessary.

    Ni - A dreamer and romantic, is easily separated from reality, knows how to sense events, to notice their dynamics. He sees the concealed potential within people, their inner essence, is capable of proposing new ideas in areas of interest.

    Fe – Knows how to influence the moods of others, to cause reactions deemed necessary by method of an “emotional surge”, but not by pressure, he readily manifests warmth and participation. Loves to speak about the moral problems, about the norms of behaviour, he calls those near to him to acknowledge his observations.

    Te - His fitness for work is unpredictable as it depends exclusively on his mood. He frequently possesses low energy and therefore finds it difficult to force himself to work. Organizing, systematization, hierarchy, structure… all these only serve to irritate and tire him, he doesn’t see the “living soul” in these, which is necessary to motivate him.

    Si - He ably feels the beauty, harmony, and commensurability in the world, but badly manages practical tasks; he does not know how to efficiently spend money. Finds it difficult to manifest private venture, is always the slave, never the leader.

    Description II: Scientific Socionics Research Institute

    Intuitive-ethicalintrovert (IEI) can be characterized as a dreamer and romantic. Reminiscences of future and thinking of the past take IEI’s thoughts. This type representatives like to lay on a sofa with a book or go to the country to reunite with nature. But actually, nature is an insidious thing, it can give cataclysms like snow, rain and wind. That’s why such undertakings IEI usually holds in his own imagination. Strong intuition of time (the first channel) gives this type the inclination for mysticism and superstition. IEI believe in prophetic dreams and omens. Ethics of emotions (creative function) helps them to tune into the interlocutor’s feelings and grasp the deep strives of the other person’s soul.

    Unfortunately , people are not always able to use their creative function for the good. Sometimes one can meet IEI with exaggerated ethics of emotions, simply speaking, emotionally dissipated. Instead of comforting people with the warmth of their soul they start manipulating others and become whimsical. In exalted upsurge IEI can go into hysterics because “everything goes wrong’ and “nothing turns out to be as expected” (sensorics of sensations and logics of actions are weak functions). In a word, this type representative is not for hardships. Intuition of time can make him wallow in the world of illusions, dreams and imaginings. He would hardly muddle through a long-term matter. IEI can renovate the house for years or, having started moving the furniture in the morning, drop this occupation by lunch time.
    [ Ni > Ti > Fe > Fi > Ne > Te > Si > Se ][ 4w5 sp/sx ][ RLOAI ][ IEI-Ni ]

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    EIE Fe


    31% Ne
    23% Ni
    23% Se
    23% Si
    8% Te
    23% Ti
    38% Fe
    31% Fi!

    lol. A lot of these questions were almost impossible for me to answer.

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    ESI Fi


    SLI - ISTp - Artisian
    23% Ne
    35% Ni
    8% Se
    58% Si
    54% Te
    46% Ti
    31% Fe
    23% Fi

    Description I:

    Sensory-Logical Introvert SLI – ISTp – Gaben (Artisan)

    Installation of the consciousness in the leading block: for the SLI everything in the world must be harmonious, proportional and balanced; the best way to achieve this is through aesthetical, qualitative activity.

    1. Principally represented by the sensation of harmony, beauty and health. Everything must be balanced. Knows how to create his own invisible “territory”, is characterized by his perseverance, which sometimes passes into the realm of obstinacy; however is not inclined to aggression.

    2. Knows how to use improvised material in obtaining practical results. Loves qualitative, scrupulous, and serial operations. Attempts to understand the general similarities in universal laws, to add details in the global scheme.

    3. Conceals his emotions, fears seeming ridiculous, retains a psychological distance. He seems steady and inert, however, is capable of unexpectedly flaring up if his sense of self-respect is threatened. Considers the observance of traditions and norms of behaviour necessary and useful not due to his internal sensations but due to the pragmatic benefits.

    4. Finds it difficult to foresee the ripening of various events, is not inclined to fantasies. Does not trust information sources, must check everything himself. Finds it difficult to invent something new – prefers to adapt something already known to his practical needs.

    Description II: Scientific Socionics Research Institute

    Sensoric-logical introverts (SLI) are people preferring a bird in hand to two in the bush. Sensorics of sensing, being the strong function, gives SLI talent in everything that is connected with handwork. The particular feature of this type is creating comfort in their everyday life. They are good at design, furniture and have good taste. They like expensive clothes pointing out their high status. And it is really very high. Women, as well as men are able to organize a profitable business in commerce or production. And more, SLI are born cooks. The process of cooking for them is a kind of sacred ritual. The strong function of sensorics of sensing helps them here. Even if they do not have a villa in Canary Islands, but only a small house near Moscow, please, believe, they will manage to enjoy a morning jogging on dew, the smell of blossoming lilac and a mug of fresh milk.

    SLI’s drawback is in their weak functions of ethics of emotions and intuition of time. Being afraid secretly of being misunderstood (SLI are very vulnerable), he will prefer hiding his real attitude to people at all. However if humiliated or made fun in public, they can burst into tears and lose their temper shouting at the offender. This type representatives remember even the smallest offences and after serious quarrels they are capable of break the relations forever. SLI’s weak intuition of time is manifested in their desire to plan all their affairs in advance. That is also their excessive conservatism and caution. They will never make a final decision without thorough and detailed analysis of the situation.

    I don't relate to Si at all lol I relate to some of the Fi though.
    "Once the game is over, the Pawn and the King go back into the same box"

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    Logical Sensing Introtratim

    Ti - 41%
    Se - 34%
    Fi - 9%
    Ne - 16%
    Fe - 9%
    Ni - 16%
    Te - 41%
    Si - 34%
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