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    Quote Originally Posted by Urarienev View Post
    Yea, I know that lol.

    I was making the point that it's just a stereotype.

    Cause I know that's not how you are lol

    (The irony was supposed to be funny)
    fuck it

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    Because the prospect of anyone other than an Introverted Intuitive having any shred of intelligence is just unthinkable, isn't it my darling Marie Antoinette?

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    There's nothing really conceptually wrong about this. It typically means the Se is balanced with a great degree of Ti. Case in point, I know two people I've typed Jungian Se+Ti; one is a big more reserved and careful to the point that you might question if they are introverted, however that person's job and personality matches with someone that has a great degree of focus on the surrounding world,,, and not so much on their thinking of it. The other one doesn't hold back very well and is a lot more spontaneous, but also quick to stir conflict and trouble, sometimes being too blunt and ...I guess in-your-face. It's kind of funny. Then there is the guy I've typed Ti+Se; he's very reserved and calculates pretty much everything he does to the point that it does kind of frustrate me when all I want to do is get something simple done and not have to think about it too much. He also puts more effort into compartmentalizing everything, something that he defends and takes seriously. The extroverts seem to do this too, but they don't mind dropping their compartmentalizations, if it causes some kind of conflict or isn't effective in what they are trying to achieve. Well the Se+Ti one that's more introverted does seem to get serious when it comes to politics, but I think that's because he's more result-oriented and gets really annoyed when people are incompetent and won't acknowledge it.

    but yeah,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azure Flame View Post
    hmm I wonder if this is a difference in strategic/tactical dichotomy, or even a combination of carefree + strategic vs farsighted + strategic.
    Farsighted + Decisive IMO.

    I don't care that he's permabanned.

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