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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyAnnaJoan View Post
    How would you describe and differentiate SEI and ESI?
    From what I can tell so far...SEI's seem to be the more laid back, go-with-the-flow ISFPs, while ESI's seem more deliberate about asserting their convictions and separation from the group, and don't really care as much about maintaining group harmony. While this is t to say that SEI's can't be individualistic, they're usually more willing to go along with the general atmosphere of the group (whether that be by simply smiling, laughing along, listening to other group member's monologues, participating in games, etc.), as long it's all in good fun. ISFj's/Gammas prefer to stick to 'their own people', even when in the presence of a larger, amicable group atmosphere. ISFj's often prefer to talk about practical, or serious topics (like career prospects, personal relationships, etc.), while ISFp's typically enjoy lighthearted, jokey conversations with few heavy moments.

    Although don't take my word for're better off reading the descriptions to see which one you relate more to.
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    Ha, thought this was a pretty good contrast..

    ESI (Fi-Valuing, IJ-temperament)

    SEI (Fe-Valuing, IP-temperament)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stansmith View Post

    Lana del Rey - SEI or IEI (?)

    Bob Dylan - ESI (?)

    Justin Vernon - SEI

    Anthony Pappalardo - ESI (?)

    Lana del Ray would be ESI. She's far more about quietly disapproving than mediating the group merriment.
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