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    Quote Originally Posted by seamaid View Post
    I'm in a situation with an ESFP too and it's his Se-Fi-Te that I'm crazy about. I really love that Se... his tertiary Te is indirect enough that I don't feel he's controlling me unlike say with an ExTJ. I have noticed he does 'supervise' me, because he's better at Se and Te than I am, and I need those functions to be more effective in my goals. But it's not totally one-sided. I may not have a whole lot of Ni, but I can help him avoid impending trouble if need be, because I can spot them, as well as gaps in his logic. I realized he talks about what he needs to do out loud because he needs insight into the best course of action. I'm hoping that I can collect what he says and 'outsource' the advice from other 'experts' and relay it back to him. Meanwhile, he gets to feel good because I look up to him and give him that Fi empathy, Si comfort, and Ne playfulness.
    EIIs do not love . All of them I know hate it. Either you are IEI, or you have another function confused with . You also said you feel ExTjs are controlling. . . another sign you do not value their dominant function, which, if you were EII, you would stimulating.

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    I can picture myself having had this relationship with a few types that don't necessarily match up. I can remember being intimidated by an archeology professor who was ILI at first, since he would shoot down a lot of my questions, but that quickly subsided. Some people say that he actually liked me as a student.

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