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    Default Socionics- What is your quadra and why?

    I figure that it will help people understand socionics better and in little chunks ,especially as we know each other somewhat on this board and are familiar with each others MBTI type. Perhaps we'll discover some interesting patterns

    I identify with both Beta and Delta. But I've been told I'm Beta as I'm too intense to be Delta. I dont identify with the competitive aspect of Beta, but I do identify with the fact that I get loud and boisterous in groups, and that I enjoy a certain heat and intimacy in a one-on-one convo.

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    Well, I'm clearly a delta and I don't relate much to any of the other quadras now that I understand the system better although if I have to choose, gammas then alphas in that order. I'm good friends with a couple of gamma types, alpha types, especially SF ones, just annoy me for most of the part. Even though the Se aspect of gamma types, especially SEE and to a degree some LIEs, annoy me, it's usually all right as long as they're not stronlgy Se-favoring and really express Se tons. There are sometimes some miscommunication problems due to differences in perception but generally speaking I do enjoy gammas although I think I prefer gamma NTs over SFs. I identify strongly with ESI types in fiction though, part because delta protagonists don't seem to come in abundance.

    Also, people seem to easily mistake me for an ESI because I'm more abrasive than the EII description suggests I should be like. Well, I wish I was Ni-valuing, heh, so I guess I'm flattered that people think I'm good at the things I think I suck at (being aware of my physical surroundings).

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    Based on quadra descriptions, it's a toss up between alpha and delta. I voted for alpha because my best fit type is LII, which is in alpha. Besides, the alpha description just sounds like more fun and interesting then delta. Okay, I'm a little biased.

    I relate to beta the least, which would point towards being delta though, since it's opposite of beta.
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    I'm a boring boring delta because everyone in vent says so... They pointed and said "you're a boring delta sns"

    I'm just relaxed and try to stay out of a lot of intensity or drama. I don't get the "serious and being in a group for a specific purpose" stuff but I understand really needing to do my own individual thing and letting others in the group do their own thing. The whole Fe/ seeing things in terms of others/emotional status thing doesn't make sense to me... Being an Ne/Si valuer(considering novelty vs. comfort) I sometimes relate to the alpha quadra. When I test, in my top three results I tend to get either delta NF or any of the four alphas. (ISFp, INTj,ENTp, or ESFj)
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    For reference:

    Definite Beta, except
    Beta types tend to be skeptical of another individual's potential for personal growth in terms of abilities and character, and dislike being the subject of such a discussion by others about themselves.
    doesn't resonate with me at all.

    Alpha is pretty foreign--'orthogonal' rather than 'polar opposite.' I can see some Gamma, too.

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    I found quadra progression to be interesting. It touches upon how information exchanged between socionics types spurs social progress and societal evolution:

    Alphas (ENTp, INTj, ISFp, ESFj) are looking into the abyss because "everyone wants to go to the big Beta party". Internally, they're pulled between Ne which defines internal qualities statically and Delta-ishly stable, and Beta Fe which is drawn towards internal experimentation and change. Alpha Ne/Si subtypes are going to peeking in from their birds eye view of the environment, Ti/Fe subtypes may be starting to actively move towards the abyss, exploring the possibilities of a gradual descent. Alpha looks into the chaos contained in the abyss but stays at enough of a distance to retain their mastery of their environment. This is a way they are "playful". They have the inclination towards mastery of the environment but the Ti/Fe preference seems to say "So what? Let's go try something different!"

    Betas (ENFj, ESTp, INFp, ISTj) see themselves as completely trapped (placed) within external circumstances - both their external functions, Se and Ti, are static. Fe and Ni leads to an internality that's relatively in flux. Betas are in the middle of it all. Fe observes constantly appearing and shifting internal states, Ni questions the relevance of the existence of the abyss itself (it opposes longer strands of external environmental observation), Se sees each moment as distinct in its own right, and Ti finds ways to structure the whole mess into some kind of coherance. The interesting thing about being in the middle of the abyss is that you keep finding new ways to test the parameters, to discover the boundaries. I extrapolated smilingeyes material and say that Fe and Ti subtypes move downward into the abyss, and Se/Ni is being in the abyss. Beta Ti/Fe subtypes have pushed the boundaries of the exploration and then Ni/Se subtypes hit the middle point of the experiential perception, the deepest part of the hole.

    Gammas (ENTj, ESFp, ISFj, INTp) are climbing/walking out of the abyss. If the Beta Se/Ni subtypes are all about the last few shovels/wildest disco/having sex with Satan, Gamma Se/Nis are the morning afters waking up and scrabbling at the walls up. In some ways, they're forever clawing the prison walls, a survivor of with the instinct of the dance fading away to be replaced with a determination of movement upwards. For these people the experiential quality has peaked and they possess the ability to survive admirably in the abyss. But their mindset is shifted upward and slightly away. For Gamma Fi/Te subtypes, the clarity of rock bottom has faded slightly. They're overcome with memories/instincts of it now and again but for a large part concentrate on the trek uphill.

    Deltas (ESTj, ENFp, ISTp, INFj) see themselves as completely in control within themselves - both their internal functions, Ne and Fi, are static. Si and Te observe their environments to be in motion. So the rise and fall of nations, etc, all pass by their eyes and is seen on a long timeline. The Fi/Te subtypes perpetually walk up the last edges of the abyss - they've put in the work of the travel, but can't dismiss the miles their feet have come to know as they order their environment with skill. Ne/Si subtype Deltas are the Ents of the Socion and they hold a certain sadness. Time's on a spindle for these people as they watch travelers disappear into the depths of the abyss, some coming out weary, some hopeful - and some never come out at all. So they turn their backs to the abyss, a primitive sort of wisdom as they staunchly hold their place while echoes of the revelry/despair come floating up from below.
    There is another interpretation here:

    and a type-by-type progression: The Clock of the Socion: Energy Dynamics of Quadra and Benefit Rings

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    I'm quite certain of my status as a Delta/SLI.

    How do I know this? I've come into this thread three times with intent to detail an explanation here and nothing yet to show for it, lol. I don't feel I'm in a position to tell what or why I am when it is both easier and more accurate to observe what or why I am.

    I do know I'm a loner, and prefer to work alone or in specialized groups where everyone knows what they are doing. I react strongly to general incompetence, which is unfortunate. I'm working on it.

    I enjoy mechanics, and thinking about things from a physical perspective. One thing that puzzles me is how many study psychology but know nothing of neurology, or think all day about spirituality but never delve into particle physics.

    My weakest point of social interaction is being silly for the sake of it. My best friend told me once I have more shame than anyone he knows. I'm in constant evaluation of my position in life and I think it kind of weighs on my consciousness, becoming evident in many aspects of my life.


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    Beta, because I am an infp, hence IEI-Ni

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    I've been reading up on the quadras lately and I can't decide between beta and gamma.

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    Gamma, definitely. The description fits very well.

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