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    I prefer Socionics. However, they both give me that general "This is NOT empirical science... approach with caution" vibe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuchIrony View Post

    MBTI on the other hand is far more widely known as a theory. It's far easier to find people to discuss MBTI than socionics. MBTI is more accessible and easier to grasp. Alot of socionics is in Russian and when its translated to English, the translation is often poor. It's harder to find good, reliable socionics tests.

    I'm also active on the socionics forum, I enjoy the forum and the discussions the arise there. But since there's not a whole lot of literature out there (at least the stuff that's translated in English), there's alot more speculation and conjecture. Alot of the stuff I read on that forum is quite abstract and hard to grasp without any good, specific examples. There isn't even always a good general consensus on what some of the basic terms even really mean, which adds to the confusion.
    100% agreed. I'm a native Russian, and have spent whole my life in Russia, and so I can compare the texts on both languages. I have come to this forum occasionally from Google in search on the hidden agendas of MBTI types. There's not much information about it on socionics sites, and I need it for my friends have asked me to clear a specific question on "Reinin's signs".
    I don't think there's much information on the subject of Reinin's signs in socionics in English, though right now on russian socionics forum's there's a huge discussion about it going on. So the MBTI and socionics differ in many ways for me, both in the approach and the subject.
    Btw, i don't like much either MBTI or soconics, I'm just curious Sometimes. When been asked

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