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    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    geez. going by the functions on wikipedia i'd be Fe/Ti and Ne/Si in socionics. what in the world does that make me? ESFj?

    An Alpha. Not my quadra.

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    Woah, I just realized I've posted on this thread before...

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    I've spent a year on MBTI forums and 6 months on socionics forums ( and from what I can tell, yes, they are the same system. Both systems use the same N-S and T-F dichotomies that describe exactly same underlying phenomena in human psyche, just that they use different wording to describe it.

    I like socionics forums more than MBTI forums for their heavier focus on theoretical discussion, but the system itself is nothing new really. Using my knowledge of MBTI I got into Socionics quite easily.

    Best type correlations are as follows:
    ENFP (IEE) INFP (EII) - delta
    INFJ (IEI) ENFJ (EIE) - beta
    ENTP (ILE) INTP (LII) - alpha
    INTJ (ILI) ENTJ (LIE) - gamma
    ESTP (SLE) ISTP (LSI) - beta
    ISTJ (SLI) ESTJ (LSE) - delta
    ESFP (SEE) ISFP (ESI) - gamma
    ISFJ (SEI) ESFJ (ESE) - alpha

    Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta are quadra, groupings of 4 types that value the same functions.
    Alpha values Ne, Ti, Fe, Si
    Beta values Ni, Ti, Fe, Se
    Gamma values Ni, Te, Fi, Se
    Delta values Ne, Fi, Te, Si
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