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    Default Socionics INFP Profile; Favorite Profile

    For me, these are very accurate. I am wondering what other INFPs find to be the most true. :

    "They often have a very noticeable shy grin that appears when they worried or excited, or when someone focuses other's attention on them."

    "It can sometimes prove difficult for others to hold INFps attention during interaction. They may unexpectedly disrupt a conversation by commenting in such a way as to give the impression that they are not following the subject. This can confuse or puzzle others."

    "With strangers INFps behave gallantly and tactfully, showing good manners and education. However among friends and family they can be very up front sometimes behaving frivolously. They enjoy baiting others in a playful manner in order to create an easy and tension-free atmosphere."

    "At home INFps can be very frivolous and capricious, showing great stubbornness in getting what they want, sometimes creating dramas and scenes. These emotional outbursts are usually short and disappear without consequences."

    "INFps are usually uneconomical in financial matters. They find it difficult to refuse their whimsical desires. This can often lead them into financial difficulties and can result in them having to borrow money if they do not have sufficient money reserves."

    All the other parts are quite iffy. Intuitive-Ethical Intratim - INFp (The Romantic)

    I also don't like our type name. I am more of a dark romantic if at all a romantic, not a sappy, icky soap-opera one.

    My favorite profile is the one at Typelogic, but only the Functional Analysis Part. The main description, I find they did a better job with the other types than mine. But the functions are explained extremely well and if you have doubts, I find it to be a great source. INFP Profile

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    "INFps have a very good understanding of harmony and know well how to successfully combine clothes and accessories"

    all if my turnout gear matches...It kills me when I see someone in a black pants and a yellow coat...

    "INFps enjoy interesting or humorous anecdotes and stories. They often recall and share notable episodes from their own life experiences."

    I make connections to things that only I will get, and laugh. Its makes people question my sanity.
    "I put the fires out."
    "you made them worse."
    "worse...or better?"

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    Just for the record, Socionics INFp is not the same thing as MBTI INFP. Some INFPs (mostly Enneagram Nines, IMO) will have more in common with Socionics INFj.

    EDIT: Also, here is a nice a profile for the topic: Intuitive Ethical Introtim - Wikisocion
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    Disagree about the money part. I am extremely frugal.

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