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    Default Ne Fi, reading into people, motives, intentions, who they are, ENFp IEE

    Hi. How deeply can the ENFp read into people with Ne and Fi? What is it like to feel and intuit the desires, motivations, likes and dislikes, impressions, secrets, tragedies, and everything that makes up who people are and how they relate to the world? How good are you with understanding peoples true intentions or maybe looking into hidden parts of themselves and their lives through even just the little things you pick up on and notice about them? if its alright, could you please give some examples of how you look into and understand other individuals? looking forward to learning about the ENFp and Ne Fi here. Thank you.
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    I think this is different for every NFP and depends on IQ and level of empathy as well. I personally pick little signs that I catch about people and relate them to wider concepts. For example people who wear this or that colour are usually more open than people who wear different colour. Or this kind of boots is the kind that artistic people wear. Then I look at peoplep's overall style, whether it macthes my idea of what they like or dislike. Then I look at fecial expression, posture and most of all I judge the overall vibe. Vibe is something very difficult to describe, it's an overall energy that comes out of the person, you either feel it or you don't.
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    Fi presents a cognition for people's subjective properties. Fi cognition is like an internal mirror of other people's inner worlds. It would be like having another person inside your skin, that you're constantly introspecting to.

    Fi overemphasizes the inner mental, emotional, spiritual inner life when it comes to their evaluation and understanding of other's people's behavior.

    IEE has Fi in its ego block as a creative function, so its not quite as strong of a core processor as EII when it comes to grasping people's subjective properties but there is certainly a capacity for won't be disappointed with its performance in terms of speed, power, and depth. Nevertheless, EII has more gigabytes of RAM when it comes to grasping people's subjective properties, so to speak and Fi-creative mainly sticks to just picking up cues into how one is being reflected in the eyes of others.
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