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    What does it take to be an herbalist around here? It would be cool to go out and harvest herbs and turn them into medicine, come up with my own brews. Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs is a really interesting book, it teaches you all the properties of a bunch of different herbs. Usually instead of taking painkillers I like making tea knowing what herbs can help with what ails me. I have nothing against painkillers, but there's just something so fascinating about discovering medicine outside your backyard. When I'm at the natural food store, it just makes me feel like I'm my best self. It's like I'm at a cottage and an old lady is serving me up a cup of tea to make me feel better. All the herbs and spices and tea blends are so interesting-the smells, the benefits, how rare they are, where they originated from(goes to research).
    “Those who seek out the truth must not be arrogant. You must not laugh at miracles just because they cannot be explained scientifically. You must not turn away from the beauty of this world.”

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    1. I would have chosen another high school, which would let me get prepared for the university. Maybe I would have changed the secondary school as well.
    2. I wouldn't have been so lazy as a teenager and looked at my abilities objectively instead of thinking "I'm smart so I don't have to study".
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    There are many things I would have done differently. I still get hung up on this, but I cant change it or redo it, so I have to stop thinking about that so much.
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