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    1. Which would come out on top in a battle... Zombies, Vampires, or Werewolves? And why?

    Vampires hands down. Werewolves are the only living creatures in this and will eventually be worn to pieces between the hordes of human and werewolf zombies. All the vampires would have to do is turn into bats and take turns leading the zombies into the sea, where they'll be torn apart by sharks and other sea life, as well as by bad weather and degradation from just being decomposing bodies in salt water. The sea may become a cesspit of zombie virus of course, but vampires aren't exactly beach dwellers and will hardly be affected.

    On second thought, if the sea was infested it would eventually affect the entire planet's ecology. Even if vampires are already dead and can easily escape zombies, they're source of blood will disappear as the humankind disappears. I think the only thing that will come on top is whatever aliens discover a perfectly fine piece of rock, a couple hundred years after the virus has run it's course and all vampires have starved to death. Unless blood sucking is just social activity, like alcohol to humans, or there's some scientist vampire who can find a cure/another source of sustenance.

    2. What is your idea of the perfect day?

    No home work, no work. Two hour walk in any type of weather that isn't freezing or squelching, before I settle in front of my computer at home and watch TV/edit a video or write/read until midnight. Any day can be perfect day though, even with work, so long as I don't have to deal with consequences of putting off my home work or others' asshole behavior.

    3. What really is the correct way to pronounce potato and tomato?

    Potato is pronounced potato, not potato. Ditto to the tomato, it is also pronounced "potato."

    4. If you could live anywhere, where would you live (doesn't have to be a real place)?

    Where I live works; close enough to civilization that I have internet and I'm only a 5-20 minute drive from a huge variety of stores and fun places (i.e., laser tag, cinema, parks), far enough that behind our fence is a creek and acres of land to walk around. If I had to pick some place different though, it'd be an a cabin in surrounded by hills/forest, where I'd magically have the strongest internet on the planet and where food would just appear in my fridge without having to leave the house.

    5. What changes would you make if you were president/king/emperor/ruler of the world?

    Everyone's required to be a fast food employee for a year, no exceptions.

    6. Using only words that start with the letter S, describe yourself.

    Smartass, stubborn, sweet, sleepy, sick, shy, spacey, selfish.

    7. If you could be a member of the opposite sex for one day...what would you do?

    Check out my member and try peeing standing up, as well as try walking around without a shirt, calling all my friends and family, saying oddly feminine things to peers to test the waters, and measuring my own height, weight, voice, and thoughts for comparison (because I always wondered what I'd look like as a male, how exactly I'd be different if at all).

    8. What is your biggest pet peeve?

    People accepting blanket statements and ideas without thinking about them and confirmation bias. Especially when it's accepted simply because everyone else believes it or an authority says so,. For instance: Women being more emotional. What? Everyone experiences emotion, it is a chemical reaction to stimuli; it also indirectly suggests that anger and pride, more outwardly expressed in men, somehow aren't emotions.

    Similar annoying lines of thought: Apple produces the best products, general societal obsession with romance and relationships, cancer patients are brave, soldiers are heroes, sugar causes hyperactivity, etc.

    9. If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?

    I've had dogs, cats, a ferret, rats, turtles, and goats. All were fun in their own ways, all take a level of maintenance that's annoying to deal with. I'd either want an orangutan (which wouldn't really be a pet, so much as a creature that shares a distant space in my now imaginary Indonesian forest, devoid of poachers), or a cat.

    10. Are you a night owl or an early bird?

    Night owl, or really really early bird. It's currently 2:35am.

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    idk tho, I'm not that experienced with typing so I'll leave it up to others

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