I suggest getting some perspective on how much the world has improved because of the industrial revolution and capitalism. Look at global public health trends, standard of living trends, life expectancy trends, etc. Most people don't know how good they've got it. If your biggest concern is how fat you're getting (or climate change) rather than pillaging barbarians, clean drinking water, or the plague, then you've got it pretty good.

These charts show the world is better than ever — even if things seem apocalyptic

Across the world, on every continent, people are eating more (and more equitably) compared to generations past, according to data analyzed by Max Roser at Our World in Data.

In 1961, the average person consumed 2,200 calories a day. By 2013, the number had risen to 2,900 a day.
In Italy, for example, roughly 64% of kids held steady jobs in 1881. By 1961, the rate had fallen to less than 4%.
Pretty much every movie, tv show, and CD made is because of capitalism; the internet, the clothes you are wearing, and this very forum is the product of capitalism.