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    I'm a 6, not a 5. I got 5. Who's going to say that the test made them anxious? Who would worry about it?

    The real answer is that I immediately brainstormed mental associations to other concepts and past experiences related to the particular activity. All it shows is probably Ne/Si.

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    Lol this test reaches a bit far, doesn't it

    In any case. I wasn't bothered by it .. but I don't think I did 30 seconds cuz I just instinctively went back to checking the results without counting. But I was fine closing my eyes. But also questioned how that would even answer anything. Guess I got bored

    As a result, I have no clear answer

    7ish, 9ish, and 5ish

    So in conclusion: Inconclusive
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    How fascinating the mind is.

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    I got 9. It's my direction of growth, so close enough!

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