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    Default Metal genres as types

    This is my opinion. You can make your own list.

    INTJ - Black Metal
    ENTJ - Bestial Black Metal
    INTP - Traditional Heavy Metal
    ENTP - Technical/Progressive Death Metal
    ISTJ - Doom Metal
    ESTJ - Power Metal
    ISTP - Metalcore
    ESTP - Deathcore
    INFJ - Industrial Metal
    ENFJ - Symphonic Metal
    INFP - Thrash Metal
    ENFP - Progressive Metal
    ISFJ - Gothic Metal
    ESFJ - Glam Metal
    ESFP - Nu Metal
    ISFP - Hard Rock
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    ENFP - Heavy Metal
    INFP - Doom Metal
    ENTP - Progressive Metal
    INTP - Industrial Metal

    INFJ - Black Metal
    ENTJ - Death Metal
    ENFJ - Melodic Death Metal
    INTJ - Blackened Death Metal

    SJ - Folk Metal

    SP - Nu Metal

    It's too hard to think of how to divide up the Sensor types for something which is mostly Intuitive territory.

    Thrash Metal is kinda the "center" of Metal, so I didn't associate it with any type.

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    My first glance is that Nt Typers would like more how musical estrutures work...tho Nt typs without any musical educations simple doesn't care about stuff like that.
    But really music can be so complex ( ravel , debussy , chopin , ect ) that every type need knowledge and abilities that they don't have .

    Studying art can shift your way of thinking .... my intpish way of thinking is using diferent variables ( emotions , harmonic , structures , ect ) to create something .
    Well ... art is an expression of what you are ... yeah you can be unique as any type.

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