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    Default Your most compatible types?

    Away from stereotypical matches, write the most compatible two types with you.
    Attach your MBTI and enneagram, and their MBTI and -if possible- enne.

    Mention the stereotypical maches and how you experience them. In a respectful manner.

    For me -ENFJ 1w2- I find ISFJ enne7 most compatible. The 7 part is a major component for me. And INTPs. I always get along with them. And I would spot these two personalities across the room, and want to get close and know them, and KNOW it is the best choice I make. I just feel comfy with them.

    as for the INFP/ENFJ thing I'm not quite sure. INFP are nice etc.. but not best fit for me. Or at least some types of INFPs.

    And ISFP are never my first option and I just don't think we get along like I do with ISFJ for e.g.

    I tried so hard but maybe their are only some types of INFP/ISFP s that I don't get along with. But as I said earlier, even though I have good ISFP friends, I don't get along with most of other ISFPs.

    So what's your experience with compatible types?

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    I think compatibility depends a lot on how our area of observation aligns with our personality traits. It's interesting to note that for ENFJ and INTP, their outer functions form a mirror image...So, a conjecture can be made: Are compatible types more likely to their dominant and inferior functions in opposing order....It would make sense since it allows these functions to become more balanced over time (pulling force).
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    The rules behind compatibility, typologically speaking, are that you want someone with a same/similar basic function order (so NFTS with NFTS, but FNST and NTFS are next best for NFTS), and the opposite functions, e.g. INFJ with ENFP.

    There are other factors involved, too. For example, I think I get along better with NTJs than my type alone would account for because I have NTJs in my extended family, thus giving me a genetic predisposition to interact with them.
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