Here's something I do that I thought I would share, as it seems to be rather informative of how the different elements of one's psyche are constituted.

What you can do is: prompt your mind to think in the manner of one of the 16 types (i.e. say "I'm going to write as an ISFP now") and then write something down that you believe stems from that idea. It doesn't have to be related to typology or anything similar to that, just write with it in your mind that you are temporarily that type.

Actually, you can choose any kind of descriptor or form and write based on that, it doesn't have to be specifically a type. I won't give examples - be as creative as you'd like. Basically, it will summon up the part of your psyche that relates to the idea you're using and you'll be able to see a different side of yourself.

It's really cool to do and can shed much light one oneself, and how one's own constitution can be generalised to learn about whatever it is you're investigating.