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Either would work...Exhibiting high Ti with Ni can be a powerful tool to solve a problem relating to a vision. I mentioned that since you mention being an "alchemist." I also think INFJ's make great inspirational speakers.
I think the problem with Ni+Ti though is that it can be a bit too theoretical - always moving to more and more concise representations of things without any outward movement to keep it going forward.

The ways that my Ni+Ti comes out is through things like philosophical, scientific, mathematical speculations. I try to derive principles but there's not that much that can be done with them.

I have had someone once tell me that I would make a good motivational speaker, so yeah that's a possibility. I'm still figuring out where all of this is leading exactly. Typology is a largely untapped well of potential and is undergoing a shift in how it is conceptualised that will lead to large waves being formed in the not-too-distant future but it's uncertain as to how positive or negative those changes will be, and I'd like to be on the frontline of guiding those forces to places conducive to positivity and growth for the people.