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    Default Composing Music/Functions

    As an INFJ who writes/composes music often Im curious to know your opinions of what functions play a role in the creation of music.
    Alot of the music I make is related to uniting or inspiring humanity, the wonders/landscapes of the world, Deep feeling, life, true love, etc . Topics of depth and passion usually. The music can span across different moods/emotions ranging from emotional/poignant (moving to me, sad to other people), to uplifting and meaningful. This comes out as Alternative/Indie Rock, Orchestral, Electronic and other (any really) genres. I enjoy combining synth/dreamy sounds, larger than life drums, and real instruments to create imaginative, captivating and powerful musical worlds that evoke feelings and visual imagery in the listiners mind. If I use words, the lyrics are deep and thought provoking.
    My brain just likes music like this-- that is world uniting, hopeful, and strong. Im able to form a large amount of ideas in my mind from the keyboard and start creating. Every chord and Melody connects and is made to make an overall profound product. I can feel/know when it's just right and the alignment of things gel in the song. I mull over pieces and parts of the song and relisten and edit till everything clicks and has the desired and perfect result. (It's hard to explain it all.)
    I'm also wondering what goes on in my ability to watch a video and write music to perfectly match whats going on in the scene--the same applies to an idea and writing music to accompany a story idea. Basically detecting the emotion in lyrics or video and constructing the musical world it lives in.
    On a side note, I'm very versatile and I can write many different genres of music ranging from emotional ballad to thumping hip-hop. I usually try to include something inspiring (or something with meaning) in the chords and/or lyrics. Composing is fun for me because there's endless ideas and so many ways to make something new, incredible and emotionally effective.
    What's going on function wise? Does any of you guys feel and experience the same thing?
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    I "compose" music in my head sometimes. I think for me the Ni+Fe comes into play in imagining the composition developing, with strong emotionally moving tones.

    With Ti+Se, I'll improvise around a bit but I can really only come up with individual riffs or short compositions, so it doesn't seem like the ideal method.

    They key for me if I do want to get into music composition would be to take an internal vision for a song and then articulate it through discerning how to play it and giving it a concrete form.

    The Ne+Fi would see different ways that things could springboard off of the original concept, and the Te+Si would go into the production and finalising.

    Of course, for someone with a different function order the functions would play different roles.

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