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    Default Sub-division of Cognitive Functions into 3 Parts

    Wasn't sure whether to put this in this forum, or in Other Personality Systems, because it's basically a new typing system - I call it the MSCT (Meaning/Structure/Content Typology)

    First, to remind you that "cognitive function order" often literally means an order, in the sense that the dominant function goes first, followed by the auxiliary, and so on.

    What I have found, is that it may be possible to divide each of these stages into 3 smaller stages.

    There is another personality system that I have discovered which has 6 cognitive functions, and when I looked into it, I saw the relation with Jungian cognitive functions as I mentioned above.

    The 3 basic functions are: Meaning, Structure, and Content, with there being a Subjective and Objective version of each.

    3 of these functions will apply to one's introverted Jungian functions, and the other 3 will apply to the extroverted Jungian functions.

    The order the 6 functions can go in are as follows:

    The first function can be any of the 6; the second must be different in terms of meaning/structure/content, and different in terms of subjective/objective (thus there are 2 options). The third function will be the remaning one from meaning/structure content, and will have the same subjective/objective orientation as the first function. Then these functions continue to cycle in the same order, for example one possible ordering is: (using M for Meaning, S for Structure, C for content, s for subjective, o for objective)

    Mo Cs So - Ms Co Ss - Mo Cs So - Ms Co Ss - Ms Co Ss - Mo Cs So - Ms Co Ss - Mo Cs So

    Which could apply to, say, an ISFJ's Si - Fe - Ti - Ne - Se - Fi - Te - Ni. So, for instance, the Te stage will be divided into Ms Co Ss.

    I suspect that any of the 16 Jungian types can be any of the 12 MSCT types

    So, as for what each of the functions is, Meaning, Structure, and Content basically mean what the words suggest. Objective means to search for more information outside of oneself, whereas Subjective means to deal with things in terms of what is within yourself.


    Subjective Meaning is about significance: it is what the thing means in the bigger picture
    Objective Meaning is about discovery: it is about searching for new and novel approaches
    Subjective Structure is about rationality: it is interpreting things through a personal framework
    Objective Structure is about empiricism: it is constructing a picture of things through the data
    Subjective Content is about habituation: it is using pre-formed characterisations such as well-known phrases
    Objective Content is about actualisation: it is the tangible manifestation of the thing

    Now, of course these notions correlate with notions from Jungian Typology: Subjective basically means Introverted, and Objective means Extroverted, and Meaning is similar to Intuition, Content is similar to Sensation, and Structure is similar to Judgement. However, as I mentioned any type in one system can be any type in another. Someone can have a subjective Jungian function as their primary function, while simultaneously having an objective MSCT function as their primary function.

    This may also remind you of zodiac in the sense that there are 12 types, but the structures are a bit different: this system has 6 functions which can cycle in 2 different directions, whereas zodiac has 12 types which cycle in only one direction. So they are distinct.

    I can't give much more detail that what I've already given at this point, as I've only seen this recently, but if what I'm seeing really is there, then the descriptions can in time be made more thorough.
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