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    What's it like being a feeler with a 5-fix?

    5s are actually rather sensitive, but they prefer to compartmentalize that and instead analyze feelings via detached observation. It can be hard being a sensitive feeler who cycles between feeling intensely and putting feelings in a box on the bottom shelf. There is a sense of not understanding oneself completely, or perhaps of not making sense as a human. Ironically, it's easy to make general sense of others, even and especially their complexities and contradictions.
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    Just for those who might infer the contrary, being a T on the MBTI/JCF doesn't mean "out of touch with feelings". The Thinking function is how we logically sort through information; the Feeling function is how we sort through what matters to people. Having a preference for sorting logical information can put you out of touch with other people at times, but it doesn't necessarily mean you can't process emotion.

    Likewise, 4 doesn't mean "feelings" any more than, say, Type 2, which is known for being outwardly effusive and, at times, emotionally manipulative. I'd think it would be unusual to see a core 2 or 4 as a Thinker, simply because these types explore self, others, values, and meaning by nature (hence the Feeling realm). Having a 2 or 4 as a fix is in other territory altogether--everyone has their own way of relating to emotions, and that's got more to do with the mechanics of the core type than any particular heart- (or head-) fix.

    I don't see why being 4-fixed Thinker, therefore, would be something particularly remarkable and therefore worth commenting on. However, because I do type as both an ENTP and a 4-fixer, I can at least try.

    Like I said, I feel like my emotional responses have more to do with my core enneagram type than anything to do with MBTI or my tritype. I feel like the 4-fix perhaps adds a desire to reveal oneself and one's inner workings (in my own case), but this doesn't need to be my "emotional reality per se". In my case, it's very often my mind; it's somewhat detached in nature; and it seems to get me mistaken for a narcissist when I try. There's a tendency to dwell on my depressing past (which could be Si-inf related more than 4); a tendency to seek meaning and depth; a certain openness toward spirituality; and a tendency to feel "different" (not in a positive sense--in a painful sense, which is mitigated by feeling special or gifted ONLY SOMETIMES).

    While I can have strong emotions, I don't particularly feel the need to identify with emotions or create a persona based on them. Yes, I can be moody, but I likely would regardless of my heart-fix. I'm just kind of irritating like that. If anything, the 4 amps up my reluctance to change or hide the moodiness, as well as heightening my expectations of being hated (so as I write this, some part of myself is saying, Fuck you world, I ain't self-censoring no matter how much you hate me for it.). I've also got an affinity for sad things and dramatic presentation.

    For the record, "sad things" is the only thing I see that doesn't especially link up to ENTP in some way or another. I can add more detail if needed, that's just sort of a shot in the dark.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Tsarevich View Post
    There's a tendency to dwell on my depressing past (which could be Si-inf related more than 4).
    I used to think this but then I realized I was Se... PFF
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