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    I recall one period that put me under stress to the point where I had to avoid the situation to eliminate the stressor. I had a roommate who had a reliance on xanax to combat his anxiety during College. His memory would be completely erased if he had taken a high dosage...He would also become increasingly aggressive and suicidal at times. There was one night a friend of his came to my apartment to watch over him after he consumed xanax and alcohol. The friend took his last supply (4 pills) so that my roommate wouldn't continue to do so. (He was also a xanax addict in the past)...I noticed he quickly become disorientated and nearly fell a few times. He kept repeating the same sentences over and over (loss of memory). Eventually, I told him he needed to leave and discovered my wallet in his backpack as I became suspicious that he stole something. My roommate continued to abuse xanax for the following week, and I became very paranoid that he would kill me at night....I just had a thought pop up in my mind that it may be likely considering the effect of xanax (erases memory, increases aggression, mood swings, exc). That led me to look up the relation between xanax use and homicides, and it turns out that xanax greatly increases the chances of committing homicide. I thought if xanax completely washes the ability to formulate memories in the present moment, then someone's identity will be very hazy...Thus, if I were to anger my roommate for some reason, it may lead to potential homicide given that his memory of our friendship prior to the event is eliminated. Also, emotion is the leading cause of homicides and I knew xanax combined with alcohol greatly increases emotional outbursts, which I definitely witnessed. Hence, I decided to live with my Mom for the time being until the semester was over. I was just wondering if this is a manifestation of inferior Ni?
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