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    EDIT : IQ being not the exact measure as intelligence, failures were in my criticism. I withdraw it.

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    Research by Dario Nardi might suggest otherwise.
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    I think you are misinterpreting the cognitive functions and even moreso how they function together, in a pair. I appreciate your criticism of the system, but when you state that it's the creation of one man in 1920, you're overlooking that nearly everything is created by one and expanded upon by others. I also think it's unfair/illogical to judge cognitive functions based on their pop culture stereotypes. Judge the stereotypes themselves, or the culture itself.

    I do like what you said here though:
    I'm today almost convinced that INFP suicide himself not only because he's higly sensible, but because his sensibility mixed with his high intelligence make his psyche dangerous for himself.
    I think this is a common internal dynamic for many intelligent and cerebral introverted intuitives, particularly those with Enneagram 4 and 5 in some combination, not just INFPs.
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