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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Deadpan View Post
    Oooohh, this is a good question. I actually think that Ns could be equally as drawn to such communities because of an attractive vision. Although, I see them "thriving" more in the culty environments than the blatantly restrictive ones. IJs and some EJs in general like order, so they may buck less against conservative communities than their P counterparts.
    Nailed it with "culty"

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    sarcasm xD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuu View Post
    I think I would be to happy being busy and feeling useful and appreciated. I have honestly grown very tired of the area I live in for the opposite reason. There is zero concept of community. Saying "Hi" to people you pass is seen as a sign of aggression. The only thing I know about my neighbors is that one of them is a drug dealer and is constantly screaming at his poor little dog ( when he isn't getting the cops called on him for fighting with other people) And the rest smoke outside my window ( or in their own apartment letting the smoke directly into my bedroom) 24/7. There is ZERO tradition; no one celebrates any Holidays. Every season, every day is the same with nothing to look forward too. It's soul crushing. I think in a traditional community I could always leave for a bit when I got bored.
    i think this is at the core of what makes us seek community. feeling of value and knowing thatc you have contributed in your own way is one of the cornerstones of happiness
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