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    Default What’s my MBTI type?

    I've been struggling to discover my type. My ability to accept new information and to take it into consideration has cluttered my mind because some say that I'm ISFP, ISTP or INTP. One of my friends first thought I was INTP then she moved to ISTP and now she's claiming I'm ISFP just because I thought something was disgusting thinking those are my values coming out and because I daydream a lot, but the issues is that I can't relate to the inferior function as much, I relate more to inferior Fe when I'm stressed. Please help me, if you still need more information then feel welcome to question me some more!

    i'll start telling things about myself:
    I am socially and emotionally oblivious. When someone finds something insensitive or rude I don't see it that way. The way I word things don't sound rude to me, and I didn't even know that I was a cold-hearted person until people started pointing it out. I'm also very socially awkward. I have been increasingly becoming assertive, but I'm so socially awkward that I can get anxiety attacks so my hate for small talk has grown. People also see me as rational, calm, and level headed.

    I'm an argumentative person and debates energize me a whole lot! I even debate with myself in my head. I love debates, and I usually enjoy debating when it comes to politics or anything philosophical to get different perspectives. Sometimes I may not agree with authority and some things they say or maybe some rules they have established but even though I am argumentative I do not debate with them in class for the sole reason that I also fear confrontation. I question the world and universe of why it works the way it does, and not only that but I even question things about life in my head as well such as, "why do relationships have to be so complicated when they could be so simple?" "Why did that happen?" Etc. I'm an extremely curious person. I also sometimes create some fun theories, and I especially enjoy conversing over them with others as well which is probably why I like Shane Dawson now.

    When I'm stressed, I go into an emotional outburst. I yell at the top of my lungs, I throw harsh words where it hurts and I say the most irrational things like a little 5 year old child. I also notice that for a few days I can be ticked off easily but soon enough I'll go back to normal. It doesn't occur often, but when it does then I start feeling unappreciated and unloved. Unrelated, but something I do is that I can also have a low self esteem for a few days and then I'll be fine then I'll go back into my self destructive mental behavior once again like a loop or something. I can overnalayze things which makes me paranoid with crazy theories, and then I'll feel unloved from those people and will start thinking that no one loves me and I'll be skeptical of them for a few days.

    I second guess myself quite a lot, especially when it came to my type. This interferes with my decision making, making my decision process slow due to considering all the possibilities before making a decision. I'm also not very good at explaining my thoughts, everything makes sense in my head but when I try explaining my thinking process to others then it's seen as absurd or confusing. I'd also like to say that I notice that I can be obsessed with the future but at the same time obsessed with the past. I also daydeam quite A LOT, but it's usually about reality, and I sometimes pace, debating with myself in my head trying to create a decision. I also articulate my words and imagine how the conversation will go before speaking to someone.
    My friend and some other person thinks I'm an ISFP because they assume I'm always angry and that I have strict morals when I really don't. People think I'm angry just because I debate when all I want is to see their perspective and try to win the debate. Literally, I'll break the rules if I have to, I question unnecessary rules as well. People think I could be ISTP because of being emotionally and socially oblivious. Some think I'm an INTP due to my excessive day dreaming, I theorize sometimes, emotionally and socially oblivious, argumentative, my curiosity. Please help me because I am very confused.
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    I'll tell you what I see most likely.

    You said people think you cold hearted but you don't think so, you're a T(thinker) because Fs are very aware of people's feelings when Ts are not naturally talented in that.

    You're an I(introvert), because you say you are socially oblivious, and emotionally (for sure T).

    You over analize things and you constantly making theories and wanting to explore more by debating. So you're N.
    One thing I know for sure, ISTPs hate debates, they find the easiest ways and shortcuts to lessen their efforts and speaking the least words needed. But you make the effort of seeking for a debate and want to talk about it more.

    I see an obvious Ti function. Which makes me give the highest score for INTP. Plus you mentioned the exessive daydreaming.

    I've seem some INTP going around the youtube not knowing what his type is and he seriously thinks he is an INFJ. I believe, for INTPs, finding your type is worse than finding nemo. You all just struggle with over thinking.

    So if I'm not mistaken, then , you're cognitive functions would be :
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    Limbic INTP

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