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    Default Anna Akana

    Awesomest YouTuber ever!! So funny. I'm guessing she's also a 147 tritype like me, but with 1 as her main. And an INFJ since she's always insisting she's an introvert. What do you guys think?

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    I used to watch her religiously, I definitely think she is a XNFJ. I'm not sure about the extroversion versus introversion aspect because she has often struck me as being more Fe than Ni dominant as well as extroverted in behavior, and oddly many ENFJs I've met have self-identified as being introverts. The way she describes her personal relationships make me think she's a 2, she has opened up about her struggle to come to terms with the fact that not everybody will like her/you, she has had a history of toxic relationships where she pulled all the weight or was a big pushover, has a self-admitted inability to stay single for long periods of time and will play the role of the empathetic listener to mere strangers that cross her path. I think she might have 1 in her tritype but not as her core. If I were to guess, I'd say 271.
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