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    Red face What’s my type?

    Hey everyone, I’m a little confused with my type so I’m hoping you guys could help me out

    1.I talk out loud when I’m thinking. However taking for a long period of time drains my energy.
    2. I tend to focus on the details but only the important ones, like something the person likes/dislikes or the time and place where something happened.
    3. I look for the hidden meaning and I focus on my impression of what’s going on around me.
    4. Most of the time I’ll consider other people’s opinion when making a decision, and I worry sometimes that I’ll never have my own original thought.
    5. I prefer specific examples and analogies when it comes to gathering information.
    6. I’m a skeptical and cynical human being (its bad I know)
    7. I can make plans but not rigid ones, and I’m okay with spontaneity.
    8. I’m not too fussy about organization
    9. I’m quite forgetful
    10. I love to laugh
    11. I don’t like sci-fi movies/books at all, I don’t mean to offend anyone!
    12. I’m kind and caring
    13. People tell me they love sitting with me in silence
    14. I’m calm
    15. I like to take my time with my work

    Yeah that’s about it, sorry if that was a lot to read through

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    Default Macho Mole

    For God's sake, do tell me what my type is: I introduced myself by YouTube

    Hi there, yes it is me.Macho Mole. And let me introduce my German cousin, Macho Hans, just click above.

    I confess. Macho is not politically correct (PC) but what fun, we find it hard to stop smiling and dancing, all the time keeping an eye out for the anti-Macho police. Sure it takes a little sang froid, but who would have it otherwise?

    Macho Mole.

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