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    Default Can you give me a real life example how FiNe works? And NeFi?

    Hi everyone, I'm a girl struggling to type herself. After a very looong time (and test) i narrowed down the area around INFP, INTP and ENFP.

    Before I start a project or activity I ask myself (consciously or unconsciously): Would this led me to something? Can i understand me better pursuing this? Can i innovate life with new concepts? There's always a judging function at the base, I can't just explore for the sake of adventure, i would feel scattered and uneasy. when i say i'd like innovate, it's more a matter of "i like to innovate because i would pride myself on originality, it's more a subjective fact. I'm not very interested to improve others' life."

    My purposes in doing things are: understanding myself, connecting many different patterns to create new ideas once i learned about something, giving an image of success (very 4w3 enneatype). To me learning is a dinamic process, and i feel the urge to improve what there's in the world with my contribution. But I dive in something only if i know it would led me to my purpose, to improve myself and get insight in something i care about (like philosophy, human minds...). This sound pretty much like a NE-aux, because I think before doing and have a less loud scattered brain.

    I also considered my functional stack led by NI, because I tend to get in deep into things (unlike the more scattered NEs), until i have obtained every kind of informations (not sensory details, but conceptuals). I strive to find a logical meaning between the subjective, to understand better the world. But everything i do is related to me and the comprehension of myself. It's lik ei live in a ego-centric world. If i can't figure out an hidden truth inside a book or in a piece of art i would feel anxious and worthless. I'm pretty obsessed about this regard. But I'm not so decided and people-focused as them. the main part i look people is to mantain my status and making sure I can appear successful and distinctive. I'm a bit selfish this way. but I'm not a sociopath :-) what do you think about this? What's more likely my (unhealty) type?

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    Before I start a project or activity I ask myself (consciously or unconsciously): Would this led me to something? Can i understand me better pursuing this? Can i innovate life with new concepts?
    So is that the first thing you consider? That all sounds quite Ne to me (well, the first and third, not so much the second, which probably has a heavy Fi component), so if you first consider whether something would lead to something, then it's Ne dominance.

    Introversion/extroversion isn't quite whether you think before you act or not. It's about whether the first consideration is outwardly directed or inwardly directed (you can use an extroverted function without actually "doing" anything), but it might be better just to look at the individual functions.

    For example my first consideration is on the big picture and how something evolves. I'm Ni dominant.

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