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Thread: Tupac

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    Is he an ESFP or an ESTP? He's definitely an Se- dom, i think it's difficult because he's an enneagram 7, they can appear very similar. I actually wrote a post(not on here but i can post it) on why he's an ESFP but i read this the other day- Why Meryl Streep is ESTP – IDR Labs and it got me thinking, is that what i'm seeing. Both ESFPs and ESTPs have superb people skills, the difference is, ESTPs are trying to sell you something( their self) and they can be incredibly charming. ESFPs on the other hand just love the spotlight , they love to be the center of attention and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm seeing the latter, another way of looking at it is, which type likes contrivers and drama more, i don't the answer to that but again i would imagine ESFPs, his music was fueled by his personal life, law suits, rape accusations, shootings. His big album was - Me against the world- Fi, he saw himself as an outsider but because ESTPs have Ti, i would imagine they do aswell but in a different way. I don't see any Ti, i actually think he used Te and that's what angered him so much - in many interviews he talks about how he followed the rules and just wanted to focus on his future or his passions- Music, Ballet, Drama- he had real taste but i think all Se types do, he liked the finer things in life. I see pure Te and Fi in terms of feeling like he was fucked over by the system. ESTPs Ti can be very hard to detect though, i'v met two in particular that were very hyper and very wired - Se and they would of course be very social with people- Fe, even touching and being quite boisterous. Anyway, i'v chosen one clip, i chose this one because it's before he was famous, it's him just socializing and it's a great clip. I wanna know what you are seeing, are you seeing an ESFP or an ESTP, it would help if people of these types could comment but really think about people in your own life, we've all met somebody like this. Both types can be fun, spontaneous and the life of the party, what are your thoughts? - YouTube - ( i will include a poll with 4 options and the types i pick are what most people think, he is clearly an Se dom and in my opinion a great example of Se Fi and especially inferior Ni, that's what kept getting him into trouble haha)

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    The result on an other webpage was ENFJ. That's why I have him as en ENFJ in my mind.

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