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    Default What's my MBTI Type?

    Based on the following information, what type would I most likely fit under:

    - I enjoy theorizing and coming up with mathematics equations ( I enjoyed pure math more than applied, since it's a highly creative field).
    - I enjoy analyzing data and making predictions based on the trends/patterns which I observe.
    - I am typically oblivious to my environment and lose items often such as pens, keys, exc.
    - I read a lot of forums to obtain knowledge, and am prone to generalize about the behavior/actions of others.
    - I like experimenting ( for instance, I bought a glucose meter to test the effects of different foods on my glucose to make connections).
    - At work, I always try to find more efficient methods, and do not like following strict rules or procedures.
    - I am quite messy regarding clothes as well as my desk. I typically forget to do the laundry.
    - I wrote a book called "modern adaptation," which is a prediction of how we will adapt to future change via technological advance.
    - I do not like repetition, hence, school and menial work tends to bore me.
    - When I learn a new subject, I slowly start to make multiple connections and relate pieces of information together once I have attained enough information.

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    EII Ne


    INTP, probably a 5.
    "No human being is ever beyond redemption. The possibility of renewal exists so long as life exists. How to support that possibility in others & in ourselves is the ultimate question.”

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    You definitely sound like an INTP to me.

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