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    4w5 sx/sp


    Mother: ISFP
    Sister: INFP (but I'm not sure because I think she has a lot of Fe. I'm actually pretty sure she is Fe dom or aux, but she has tested INFP, so I'll include that here)
    Brother: INFJ
    Me: I could actually be any of those three, but I identify with ISFP because I do have a reliance on concrete, in-the-moment experience that doesn't come across online.
    I think my Father is an INTP
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    Quote Originally Posted by Legion View Post
    I'm pretty sure that Jungian type is hereditary, and I assume enneagram is the same, so these type distributions don't make sense to me.
    Interesting. I don't think it is necessarily hereditary, but since enneagram is somewhat environmental based, similar styles may be inclined to appear within children from their parents (or sometimes behaviors may appear in areas that parental figures lack)

    I can sort of see this in my family, because on my dad's side of things, there is a very heavy Ne and high feeler bias with ENFP and ESFJ being the most common two types. Positive outlook is also a trend in terms of enneagram. Talking about the lacking behavior sort of theory, both my grandparents are very sx blind (Grandmother: 3w2 (317) so/sp, Grandfather: 1w2 (136) so/sp) and basically all their children have terrible sp and/or high sx (my aunt is an exception; my dad would be an exception if he wasn't just pure soc). Trend wise, my mom's family (excluding her) seem to be incredibly soc blind.

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    Me: ISFJ 9w1-4w3-6w5 sx/sp

    Mother: ISFP cp6w5-9w1-2w3 sx/so

    Father: INFJ cp6w7-4w5-8w7 sx/sp

    Sister: ISTJ 1w9-6w5-3w4 sp/so

    Sister: ENFP 7w6-2w1-9w1 so/sx

    Brother: ENTP 9w8-5w6-3w2 sp/so


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    Dad - ISFJ 9, either sp/so or so/sp.
    Mom - ISTJ 6, sp dom
    Brother - INTP 9 (else 5), sp/so
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    We're a big happy family full of 8s.
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    Here’s my guess

    Me : 9w8-7w6-2w1 sp/sx ( perhaps 6w7 )
    Mom : 9w1-6w7-2w1 sp/so
    Dad : 1w2-2w3-6w7 so/sx ( perhaps 7w6 )
    Young Sister : 9w8-7w6-4w3 sx/sp ( perhaps 5w4-6w7 )

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    Father: 2w3 so/sx, (296)
    Mother: 6w7 sp/so, (682) (still unsure about this one)
    Sister: 9w1 sp/sx, (962)
    Me: some kind of 4, (496)
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    4w5 sx/so


    Mom: ISTP 6w5 sp/so
    Dad: ISTJ 9w1 so
    Sister: ISFJ 2w1
    Sister: ISFP 9wB sp
    Me: ISFP 4w5 sx

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    :-( None


    OK, for kicks:

    Mom: 9w1, 95x tritype. sp/sx. ISFJ.
    Step-dad: 9wB, 926. sp/soc or soc/sp. INFP.
    Bio dad: 6w5. 683. sx/soc. ENTP.
    Sister: 4w3. 497. sp/soc. INFP.
    Me: I know better than to talk about me.

    Maternal Aunt: 6, sp/soc, SJ of some sort.
    Maternal Uncle: 5w6, sp/soc, ISTJ.
    Maternal Grandmother: 1 or 2. 7-fixed. Social-first. ESFJ.
    Maternal Grandfather: 9, 1, or 4. Maybe some sort of SJ, Introvert, but he died 20 years ago and I no longer remember.

    Paternal Grandmother: 7w6. sp/soc or soc/sp. Ne-dom.
    Paternal Grandfather: Maybe some sort of 8.

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