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    Default Mbti results dont match cognitive functions

    When I take the tests I'll score ISTP and it seems accurate from the profile reading. Out of all the types it's the one I think most fits as do other people. Friends and family compare me to lots of typically typed istp in pop culture also. But when I read the cognitive functions they don't seem to fit. I took a test on keys2cognitive and came up istp but my Fi was higher than Fe. Also Te seem more like me.

    Which do I go off of?

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    Look up ISFP... FiSeNiTe. Also, as a possible ISTP, your Fe would be of low preference...TiSeNi

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    Tests are sloppy at best. I wouldn't go by popular culture typings either as we only get a hint of who they are. Trust yourself.
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    The cognitive functions won't match - they're not tested for by the MBTI in the first place so don't worry about it.
    Completely separate things, and if anyone tells you otherwise - request proof of the validity of the cognitive-functions-in-attitudes that are placed on the MBTI types after-the-fact.

    There's none. Not one single bit of evidence to support the cognitive function stacks the personality community subscribes to. Zip. Zilch.

    You can be ISTP via MBTI and relate to "functions" that don't fit the magical, not-supported-by-anything "TiSeNiFe" "ISTP" stack.

    ISTP in MBTI is I+S+T+P and all of the combinations that make that up - no more, no less.

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