Everyone online types my as 9w1, have gotten 4w5 before to! Just want to know your opinion based on some shit related to the way I think

#1 When it comes to how accurately I judge somebody, I can become a perfectionist about it. I'm always afraid an individual isn't what they seem to be or things aren't what they look like. As a result I can come off as really non-judgmental, although my feelings can be otherwise(I experience really critical feelings at times). I'm always afraid I may judge somebody with a serious mental disorder.

#2 Sometimes I feel like I understand opposite things, especially when it's related to cultural interest. I may even experience moments in which I look at something quite the opposite of my typical interest and go like "I think at one point this was me or something". Probably because I've explored that interest during my childhood. Depending on the phase I was in, I actually have been critical of particular interest in the past. But after pausing for a moment I "look at it all", and I'm like "I understand most of this because at one point these were me!"

#3 I usually feel like a combination of rebellious and a do-gooder. I strongly support freedom in tons of ways and resist authority. But at the same time I enjoy portraying myself with "goodie" taking points around specific people. But I usually do so in an honest manner.

#4 I typically perceive my identity in complicated indescribable ways. I wish I could be more specific, but elements of it are too difficult to explain. It's like "these interest combine with this setting combine with this event etc" or something like that.

Things I have in common with each enneagram type include:

Type 1: My fear of being perceived as wrong, had a mildly "know-it-all" attitude as a teenager due to my passion for specific topics
Type 2: I don't relate to a whole lot of this type, maybe except the fact I care about being liked by very particular individuals, and I had a "merge" history
Type 3: I care about my goals and accomplishments a lot, but my overall personality is nothing like type 3
Type 4: I grew up sensitive, artistic, and highly individualistic. I was somewhat romantic as a child
Type 5: I would always isolate myself to observe. I grew up fiercely private and withdrawn, while gaining intense interest in knowledge of specific areas.
Type 6: I was a "scaredy" child as a kid, and I can be loaded with fear sometimes. I have a large range of fears in facts
Type 7: I love planning at times and can be rather optimistic about the future. The things I imagine remind me of type 7, even though I look nothing like that. I make associations!
Type 8: I barely have anything in common with them, except the fact I resist authority at times.
Type 9: I despise conflict and can be super cowardly about it. (Even though I'm a mediator, I'm usually honest about the things I actually do say)
I related to a variety of things, which is quite common for type 9. I also hate it when a parent shoves negativity down my throat!

Although most of this was geared for guessing my enneagram, mbti suggestions or cognitive functions are also allowed in the comment section. Which ever you choose!
Questions are allowed as well!
Tritype opinions are also allowed