I would normally post long-ass forums describing my personality traits so people can type me. But I'll shorten everything a little more this time to encourage more opinions from people!

My usage of Fi: Staying in touch with what I love, what makes me feel good, identifying with particular interest. All the guilt and compassion I feel. I always felt different for some reason, and can be individualistic in lots of ways. I enjoy self-discovery on an intense level, and often develop the urge to help others in my life with the exact same thing through decent psychological analysis (though I very rarely do that)
I was the sensitive child as a kid.

My usage of Fe: Striving for harmony by avoiding conflict. Deciding what to say that'll organize peoples perception of me. Over-apologizing and worrying about others judging me! I don't always know what I'm feeling at times.

My usage of Ti: My thirst for knowledge in specific areas. Needing others to be specific. Childhood history of loving categories and "types of things". Can look as if I'm organizing my own thoughts and thinks in ways such as "sometimes, usually, the rest of it, etc". Used to draw basic rabbit hole systems

My usage of Te: History of objectifying stupid shit, especially when unhealthy. Fear of being perceived as incompetent or lacking potential (and the fear of actually being that way). At one point I slapped statistics in a person's face if I hated their perception of something (But I don't typically act this way. Did it a few times as a teenager)

My usage of Ni: Visionary, future planning. Stuck in my head the majority of the time. Connection making that isn't always a result of the present. I'm also a visual thinker who thinks in images! Although I have a strong intuitive side, I'm not as creative or energetic as a lot of Ne users (even though I do develop funny ideas a lot).

My usage of Si: Imagines the past a lot, and occasionally out of the blue I'll experience an awful moment that hurts me to this day. The time I went to summer camp 11 years ago is still in my head sometimes, which I daydream about. Sometimes looks at details of things and may be a perfectionist in certain areas. Likes facts!

My usage of Ne: Grew up making weird associations or connections. Usually off of things that DID exist in the external world (although not always present, but may be). Explores interest that don't typically align with interest I grew up with. Makes a final decision after exploring it enough.
Sees myself through several different lights, perceiving myself different ways depending on the day! Can become really unfocused.

My usage of Se: Has intense cultural taste, especially music or art (which can also be Fi). May indulge in things such as soft drugs and music. Wants to do certain things in the world. Can be "look" cautious at times. I also love drawing and I'm very artistic (or Fi in general honestly)!
(the majority of those traits aren't only specifically Se. Just wanted to add things to it)

Also, some other traits I possess:

#1 Sometimes I enjoy daydreaming about peoples perception of my character/identity. It's like I imagine myself digging into their mindset and start daydreaming about that.

#2 Sometimes I imagine myself particular ways, but it barely shows up on the outside. Like, although I'm a fiercely isolated quiet individual, I imagine myself as as an ENxP character at times. But I've done the same thing with the ISxJ personality types (I already wrote something similar to this on the function section)

#3 I have a contradicting relationship with my own emotions. Sometimes I enjoy intensifying them and digging deep, while other times I need to isolate from them due to my disturbance by them.

When I'm healthy: Nice, generous, accepting of others, warm, tolerant, praising of peoples talents, optimistic about the future, sees the good in people, walks in a person's shoes!

When I'm unhealthy: Anxious, Envious, perfectionsist, triggered by someone's understanding of a concept/secretly a bit of know-it-all, little bit of a hypocrite, develops narcissistic tendencies

Also, I'm almost sure I'm an introvert considering I recharge alone and I'm super difficult to get to know. My biggest reputation in high school was "the quiet one" and my overall character screams "introvert"