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    Default What the hell am I?

    Hey. I've taken the tests on 16 personalities, johns mbti test and keys2cognition. I've gotten a few different outcomes. With ST as the most consecutive one. I positive im a xSTx. I'll try and give you all some info.

    Facts are what make me change my mind.

    I don't like having to deal with people unless friends or family. I can handle being at parties and groups but I can get drained fast.

    I do like to talk.

    5 things people would describe me Stubborn Rebellious Passionate Goofy Impatient

    I don't like being told what to do.

    I speak up when needed

    I'll play devils advocate

    Im organized at work but more relaxed at home.

    Impulsive sometimes. If I want to do something I do it.

    I am a loving,protective, caring, goofy, fun, parent. I instill normal rules though like safety ones.

    Im very loving and caring husband. I like making my wife feel appreciated and taken care of.

    Im a hard worker. I believe hard work pays off.

    My humor is sarcastic and dry and observstional. Sunny in Philadelphia and mst3k sum it up.


    Normally people see me as serious till they get to know me.


    Can come off aggressive

    I like to have a answer for everything

    I love fantasy fiction and sci fi books. Im a walking dictionary if info for game of thrones, star trek and star wars.

    My wife compares my personality to the hound and bronn from game of thrones, booth from bones and logan from xmen.

    Im just a jeans and shirt guy

    When I play video games like battlefield i tend to play assault or rpg I play necromancer or rogue.

    When talking I tend to switch subjects or by the time the conversation is done it is way off track.

    If someone is boring me I'll switch subjects or one ear out the other.

    micro managing is very annoying to me.

    I love to hike and be in nature.

    I tend to look to my past a lot and use it as a guide which can be bad or limiting.

    Talking about feelings is hard for me and sometimes they come out explosively.


    Hands on learner mostly

    If any more info is needed let me know

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    My guess would be ISTP.
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    Based on your description, you seem to be an ISTP.
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    Thanks for the replies
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